Wingin’ It?

21 Dec

We knew it would only be a matter of time before a new cycle of best-of’s would cure our geographic woes. Best chicken wings was recently revoted from Allen’s to Crown & Dragon. Allen’s was already considerably close to our house, but not as close as Crown & Dragon. And what better way to greet our friend, newly moved to the city, than with drinks and wings? Just from looking at the menu Crown & Dragon was a point above Allen’s: more choices. Between the three of us we got three pounds of three different flavours. Now that may sound like a lot of food but a pound of wings is really not that much. As we started walking home, Brent and I were both like hmm… could’ve eaten another pound.

We each swapped a wing so everyone could try all three flavours. Brent had the dragon wings but they were too spicy for me. 3 out of 4 on the spiciness scale is just too much for me. Andrew also had wings rated 3 out of 4 BUT they had a butter base to the sauce which cut down on the spice, making them edible. Still I preferred my lime and bbq (the name was something about Key West) mild ones, read: 0 out of 4. The only symbol on the menu by the name was a crown saying they were a pub favourite. And what goes better with chicken wings than a glass of merlot? It was one of those pubs where everyone was drinking beer and I was not about to make the bartender start whipping up fancy drinks for me. And man did that pay off, the wine pours were quite generous.


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