Austin on a Lark- Day 1

28 Dec

Sun. Dec. 10, 2017:
Toronto flight to Austin, TX:

After Florida I had assumed we were done travelling for the year. It was secretly annoying me because I still had a few pages left in my travel notebook- not quite enough for a full 10-day vacation, meaning I’d either have to risk spilling over into a new book or end this one short. It just so happened that Brent had a business meeting to attend to in Austin, Texas and flights were cheap. With only a few weeks to go it was settled, we were going to Austin! Sure, the bats would have migrated, the wildflowers were not in season and it was not time for South by Southwest… ok, I see why the flight was cheap. But this way I finished off my travel notebook and for next year I get to start a new one.

That is how we found ourselves spending a whole day at Pearson Airport. We had gotten a ride from Andrew on our way back from a Christmas party in Ayer and it did not make sense to go home. We had anticipated this and packed accordingly. We set a new record for being early for our flight- even with me getting selected for extra screening. It was extra annoying because the lady made me take the cases off all of my electronics, including the iPad case which was dented around the iPad (keeping it securely in place). By the time we cleared everything our flight was barely on the departures board, it had just popped up. We were about 5 hours early. The one upside to being that early is that there is no mad rush to get to security, meaning we got to eat Wendy’s for lunch (it’s by the check-in kiosks, before security). A rare treat, given we usually only eat there after we have returned from a flight, never having time when leaving.

We got comfy at a table with built-in iPads and settled in. We were going to be there for a while. I ended up going to Starbucks twice. The second time I went because I had to get away from our spot. There was an annoying guy wearing sunglasses indoors and constantly snorting. It was infuriating to say the least but not enough to give up my seat and risk having to stand around or sit somewhere without a table.

We were flying Delta. Normally I don’t care which airline we choose, but this time I was excited. I was really looking forward to the snack: Biscoff cookies, my dear beloved cookies. It did not matter that there were no TVs, I was happy with my cookies and my book, Rules of Civility by Amor Towles.

We had a layover in Atlanta, Georgia. Alas it was Sunday, meaning Chick-Fil-A was closed. So much for awesome dinner plans. We ended up going to the world’s worst McDonalds. The lady had no idea what we were trying to order, they were out of buttermilk chicken fingers and my burger was so poorly constructed it was barely worth eating, it was so sad. Thankfully there was a Pinkberry next door to help salvage my dinner. I had a pecan pie frozen yogurt, topped with candied pecans, cinnamon crumble, caramel sauce and little dollops of whipped cream.

On our second flight (aka second package of cookies) there were TVs but they did not have the Stuff You Should Know TV show, only the podcasts. I tried watching HBO’s show Room 104 but I had to stop. It was lagging and skipping, even after they reset the system. I slept for a little while but then I woke up because my leg was starting to cramp. I had no leg room because I had to cram my purse and my backpack both under the seat in front of me and it was crowded down there on the floor. I was getting antsy.

By the time we landed it was almost midnight and most of the Austin airport was closed. I did scope out an Auntie Anne’s as a potential lunch spot for our flight home though. I was so tired when we got to the hotel room that I forgot to shower. We did not have any toothpaste either but I did not care. All I wanted was sleep.

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