Austin on a Lark- Day 6

05 Jan

Day 6: Fri. Dec. 15, 2017:
Fredericksburg to Austin, TX to Toronto:

Like a dummy I had set my alarm clock for 8:30am except my phone had never switched time zones. At least the 7:30am wakeup made waking up at 8ish easier. We grabbed breakfast from the hotel and set out back to Austin to catch our flights home. The coffee was good but the pastries were awful, the worst I have ever had. They were rubbery and soggy. I had also grabbed some little packets of Nutellas as souvenirs. I was still coughing but I felt a little bit better (despite the awful sleep on the too-soft bed). Luckily I still had some Reese’s clusters left, breakfast was saved.

At the airport there was a cute little fluffy puppy hiding behinds the seats and refusing ot come out. As we looked around there seemed to be a lot of dogs at the airport, not including the sniffer-dog who was busy at work. We went to Auntie Anne’s for an early lunch. The sour cream & onion pretzel delivered exactly what it promised. It was just like the chips. Brent was still hungry so we went to a Salt Lick BBQ taco pop-up. It was too early for meat, and I was still a bit off it after Franklin’s. I went to the coffee shop there but the Texas pecan (that’s a thing?) coffee was horribly watered down and tasteless.

We were going on two separate flights. Brent left just after noon and I still had two hours to myself in the airport. I wandered a few times up and down the concourse. I had no appetite. I knew I would probably not have time to grab food during my short layover in Atlanta so I eventually grabbed some Keebler cookies as a snack and a LARA lemon bar for later. My flight was delayed first by 10 minutes. Crap, I thought, I already had a narrow window (49 minutes between landing and my next flight taking off) to catch my connection. That time didn’t take into account boarding and leaving the first flight. By the time my flight took off the delay was closer to 20 minutes. At least I was able to distract myself from worry by watching more Say Yes to the Dress. Adding to my discomfort we had bumpy turbulence on the way into Atlanta. There was a nice lady sitting next to me who even offered to take my bag and put it under my seat for me so I could sit easily and she let me use her under-chair storage space as well. It wasn’t all bad. Until we landed. I was towards the back of the plane and antsy to get off. Why did they not rearrange seats and let me sit closer to the front? It was torture, standing there watching people take their time, chatting nonchalantly and not moving. It was a mad dash as soon as I was off the plane. Thankfully my connection was only one terminal over. I ran for the train, I ran past a guy to get to the escalator so I had to run up the stairs else I’d look like a jerk for running in front of him and then just standing there. I ran to the bathroom, allowing myself at least that. There was no hell in chance of me grabbing any food. I ran to the gate and got there only to see that there was no one there. The sign said they had boarded early. The one time! There was another guy who appeared out of nowhere and asked me if I was trying to get on the flight, asked if I was off a connection. I said yes. He said he could still see the plane and that he was going to get us on it. He took off, down the hallway to the airplane, meanwhile a guy sitting in the waiting area shook his head and laughed. I just stood there in shock. A minute or so later the crazy guy emerged, followed by two airline staff, they were warning him not to do that. He said, or what you will arrest me? And they said yes next time that could happen. They then scanned my boardpass and let me on first, ahead of the crazy guy. I got on the plane, coughing, wheezing and red in the face. I crammed my backpack into the first open spot I saw in the overhead bins and walked back to my seat. I rushed to get settled in, meanwhile they were (rather passive-aggressively) announcing over the PA if everyone could take their seats so we could finally takeoff. And all for nothing. We had technical glitches and it was another 20 minutes after I sat down before the plane took off. As we flew I dreamed of getting Wendy’s at Pearson after landing. After all, I would still have another hour before Brent landed.

I found out later that Expedia had booked me onto the next flight into Toronto, I would have arrived 3 hours later around midnight.


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