That’s a Tasty Dinner

13 Mar

Sugo, voted best cheap eats 2017, marked the last best of anywhere near us. We had to make it count. When we got there on Friday evening the place was packed, looking in through the window as we approached it was uncertain if we’d even get a table. We got one of the last two.

Looking over the menu my eye immediately went to: sparkling red wine. It seemed like an odd combination- and therefore I had to try it. It was weird but kind of good. It made red wine seem like something that can be refreshing. Eventually a server came by to take our order. We were seriously starting to wonder if we were supposed to have ordered our food at the bar. The menu hung above it and it was mildly confusing that our table only had a drinks menu. We were told the specials of the day and we ordered our drinks. In that time another server came by to take our dinner order. I was relieved. I had really dreaded trying to order the gnocchi (regular, not the special one- it sounded too heavy with the Parmesan white sauce) after our first server said it so smoothly and perfectly. I just knew I was going to butcher it and butcher it I did. At least I did so talking to someone else as opposed to someone who had literally just said it correctly.

Brent ordered the veal sandwich and was presented with a mammoth dish. He laughed that he could now sympathize with me whenever I complain that something is too big to bite. There was no way I was going to even attempt a bite of it. Instead I got him to cut me off a little piece of the breaded veal. That would have to suffice. It was delicious. Definitely the best veal sandwich I’ve ever tasted. I actually liked it. The gnocchi with tomato sauce was delicious but what to do with the extra leftover sauce? Why dip the garlic bread that we had so ingeniously ordered.

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