Can’t Go Wrong With Pizza

23 Mar

Alright, OK, fine, the title is somewhat of a lie. But compared to other foods, it’s up there for dependability. Pizza Shab, on Ryerson campus was voted best halal pizza. It was two-fold great: pizza, and it was close by.

We ordered the beef supreme which had peppers, mushrooms and Persian beef sausage. After we ordered we noticed that it was done deep-dish style. While we waited for our pizza (they don’t serve slices) we reminisced about our deep-dish adventures (and misadventures) in Chicago. Wondering what awaited us for dinner. Thankfully it was a normal pizza, not some monstrosity with a dense layer of meat atop the dough. Cheese-wise it takes top spot for any all pizzas. It was layered on thick and had been cooked to the point that it was stretchy but also just a liiiiitle bit toasted on top. It was perfect. Another winning point: by default it came with garlic dipping sauce on the side. This should be standard practice everywhere.

Between the two of us we devoured a medium pizza. Which worked out for the best as deep-dish, even when it’s not that deep, does NOT hold up well. Anyone who says it does is a liar. Additionally we were able to add another bottle cap to our magnet collection, we both drank Iranian sodas with our pizza. For a split second when I saw them in the fridge I was fooled. They looked like beer bottles. They were decidedly not. Pomegranate beer would be weird anyways.

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