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Who’d’ve Thunk It

When going out for dinner to a place called Junked Food Co. it is imperative that one ensure that there is sufficient junk food in the meal. Also it might be wise to order the signature dish. I was strongly considering getting the mac and cheese but then I saw that they had a Doritos smash bag (aka a signature dish) that featured mac and cheese. Dinner was settled.

Brent had a personal sized deep-dish pizza because apparently that is what they are listed as being known for on Google Maps. I never in my life thought I would say this but migawd that was the best damn deep-dish pizza I’ve ever had. Sorry Chicago! First off it was a reasonable size, just enough for two people. Secondly it had great toppings, high quality cheese and not too much meat as the base. In a last minute change-up I got the Korean BBQ chicken smash bag instead. It still had the main Doritos component. Going in I had rather low expectations, it was basically a small plate of nachos in a cut-open bag of Doritos, but somehow it just worked and was actually really really good. Unbelievably so.


Never in a million years, based on our dinner choices, would I have guessed that dessert would be the heaviest dish and the one that led us to complaining and groaning and giving up. The real kicker was that we walked by Dairy Queen- we could’ve had that instead! What was this heavy over-the-top dessert that destroyed even me- a seasoned dessert eater? Raw safe-to-eat cookie dough, served as an ice cream scoop. No one in there right mind would ever eat that much cookie dough. At most you eat little tiny bits here and there. Plus it tasted a bit off (turns out I am also a seasoned professional cookie-dough-eater). The last bites were agony and we had to quit.

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