Olive? Oh No.

17 Jun

We’ve expanded our food adventures beyond the scope of the BlogTO best of’s list. Partly due to a dwindling list and geographical constraints. Partly due to an expanded list of sources. Our latest outing was thanks to the 1001 Foods book. We were out on the hunt for niçoise olives. They just so happened to be on offer at Cafe Boulud, conveniently located in Yorkville. I had been wanting to eat at one of Daniel Boulud’s restaurants for a while now.

One cold Saturday night (back in March was it?- I’m behind) we found ourselves getting all gussied up and heading out on the town. We got to the Four Seasons hotel and promptly got lost. Wandering through the lobby we got to the downstairs bar. We had followed the signs so the only logical conclusion was that we had to go up the stairs by the bar. In retrospect it seems quite obvious. But at the time! (We had walked halfway back to the lobby and back).

We split the appetizer that featured the olives. The waiter did not bat an eyelash at it. As we sat there still looking at the menu it dawned on us that we may have ordered a salad. Crap. I hate salads so much! Soon our complimentary bread arrived and I did a double-take. It was in a tiny sack-cloth and I swear I had just seen that same dish presentation on a BuzzFeed list of hipster food going too far.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I just found this post in my Drafts. I do not remember much of the food. We were too distracted by the table next to us. It was a party of 7-8, one person’s birthday. Everyone ordered freely, not doing the math. Then the bill came. One guy was shocked at the bill, he tried to to the math, had to redo it because he forgot the birthday girl doesn’t pay, $200/person?! Him and a few others freaked out. How did this happen?! they wondered. Meanwhile the birthday girl sat there awkwardly silent. The guy who had just been bragging about his worldly travels and new-found affluence was suddenly balking at a restaurant bill. What they had not realized was that the girls at the other end of the table had been freely ordering multiple bottles of wine- not a care in the world. At a fancy restaurant no less. He starting adjusting his math, trying to calculate each individual’s bill plus a portion of the birthday girl’s bill. A lot of awkwardness interspersed with math ensued. Needless to say when they were leaving and the guy mentioned splitting an Uber, an emphatic NO arose from everyone.

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