I’ll Have the Beouf

19 Jun

madame beouf strong cocktails good burger ok hotdog, cheese fries lies lies lies

It was so long ago now (ok fine, it’s only been a year) since I came up with the alternate fooding list that I can barely rememner why certain restaurants are on the list or what my sources are (North Toronto Post? Toronto Life? Pretty pictures on Instagram?- who can say). One of those was Madame Beouf. This was a summer one so we had to wait for the appropriate weather. I initially thought we would be going on a Saturday when it becomes Madame Beouf and Flea and half the place is a flea market but it didn’t work out that way.

When Brent asked me what the deal was I quickly scramble to google it while pretending I totally knew. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the guy behind Rose & Son et al. was also behind Madame Beouf. Maybe going on a non-flea market day wouldn’t be so bad after all? I mean cocktails on tap sounded great.


I was really sold when I read about the cheese fries and saw a photo: shoe string fries with a house-made cheese sauce! Instead what we got were crinkle-cut fries with melted slices of American cheese (read: it did not stay melted). I was sad. At least I had a fancy-sounding banquet hotdog to cheer me up. It had bacon and cheese- can’t go wrong. The clear knock-out however was the burger. Oh, and those on-tap cocktails? Strong. The hibiscus margarita was amazing, the long island iced tea was just standard. Oh, and nice patio.

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