Disaster Averted

04 Sep

House on Parliament had been voted best pub and thankfully it was close by (apparently that is an important factor for me). I was thrilled. The tempura-fried cheese curds sounded amazing. However I had only chanced on them after settling on my main: 4-cheese grilled cheese. I bailed on my choice (who wants Parmesan cheese in their grilled cheese?- it’s too much). The fried chicken sounded good. I was a little wary though of getting fried chicken at a British place. Even though we were an ocean away from Britain’s bad fried chicken, I was still apprehensive. When we got there and I saw that they had bangers and mash- actually it was, fancy bangers and mash- my mind was made up.

The evening started off great, with a cold pint of Thornbury’s blood orange cider. It was easily one of he best ciders I’ve ever had. It was like cider mixed with lemonade. We split an order of fried cheese and Scotch eggs. I was pleasantly surprised at the Scotch eggs. They were wrapped in a thick coating of breaded meat. And once you scooped out the yolk, it was a fine dish. It was also quite filling. Especially when combined with the delicious fried cheese. I had to rethink my main order. The plates around me were ginormous and I was getting flashbacks to the last time I ordered bangers and mash in a British place (they gave me three sausages and a mountain of mashed potatoes). On a whim I ordered the French onion soup. While it was a tad too salty, it was still delicious and very oniony. I had some of the mashed potatoes that came with Brent’s tourtiere. Not good. So not good. I was glad I had gone with the soup.

Throughout our dinner the quality of service had steadily gone downhill. I had ordered a lavender and prosecco drink that didn’t arrive. After 30 minutes, when we ordered our dessert I inquired about it. Thankfully it arrived rather quickly. Unlike the pecan pie with Ed’s Real Scoop burnt marshmallow ice cream. I had left for the bathroom and when I came back I had planned on saying “what’s taking so long? are they making the pie from scratch?” except it had arrived in that time. And it was warm.

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