Budapest, Vienna, Prague: Honeymoon Edition: Day 1

11 Oct

Fri. Sept. 21, 2018:
Toronto flight to Budapest, Hungary:

We got to the airport for our flight 3 hours early. This was mainly by my insistence, I wanted to get Wendy’s (which was in the other terminal) and I wanted to avoid rush hour traffic. I did have a back-up 6 inch sub in my purse in case Wendy’s didn’t work out, dinner had to be eaten before I got on the plane because once I was seated the plan was to sleep until we arrived.

I devoured my Wendy’s meal on the tram from Terminal 3 to 1. I was so busy eating I failed to notice/recognize the (famous?) hockey-related man standing near us, whom Brent was Google Image searching while I ate. Brent figured out that it was Craig MacTavish. They had given me an extra chicken tender, it was not what I had signed up for. The plan was a giant burger and 1.5 chicken tenders (who can say no to creamy sriracha dipping sauce?), not 2 chicken tenders! We had a new record for time between check-in and getting to our gate. It was under 5 minutes, both because there was no line at security and we did not have to clear customs (that would be later, once we landed in Budapest).

The second part of my sleep-plan was to get a hot chocolate (aka warm milk) from Starbucks. It really hit the spot. I topped off the plan with random episodes of Friends. Initially I had tried to browse Pinterest but the nearby Team Canada teen athletes were insufferable and I needed to have my headphones in. How insufferable were they? They were trying to time out their social media posts to exactly 7:00pm (the magical perfect hour for posting) and ensuring that they had the correct amount of emojis (very important). Getting on the plane I was already so sleepy. I had high hopes for sleeping the duration of the flight. Our flight was fully booked so we didn’t get to sit together- and I had chickened out of trying to get a free upgrade on account of our honeymoon. Right before the doors closed Brent came to get me, the seat beside him was empty. He saved me from the middle seat in the aisle section. And bonus on top of that: he wanted the aisle seat, leaving me free to use the window as another surface to try and sleep on.

No sooner had I set myself up, gotten my (professional) neck pillow into place, popped two Benadryls (aka super-drowsy antihistamines) and started drifting off- there was an alarming call over the PA for a doctor/nurse for an emergency situation. Waves of panic coursed through me in my drowsy, half-asleep state. I imagined a panicked and bumpy emergency landing in the middle of nowhere. It was scary but I managed to eventually drift off to sleep, there was no announcement about an emergency landing and eventually the situation resolved itself. At it’s peak though, the man kept moaning in agony and people milled about, completely disregarding that the seatbelt sign was on and thus prompting even more announcements over the PA for everyone to sit down. Finally, everything had settled and I was ready to sleep when the lights came on. It was time for dinner service. The smells and the bright lights were so distracting, still I tried to sleep through it- regretting having left my eye mask at home.

The old people sitting behind us kept using our seats as handrails, jerking us backwards every time they stood up. Eventually I fell asleep, after giving in and having a glass of Sprite. I slept fitfully, falling asleep for a bit, waking and fidgeting, readjusting to try and get comfy. My knees were getting sore so I got up to stretch and took the chance to use the bathroom. It was a tiny and confusing bathroom, I couldn’t even find it at first. After that it was back to fitful sleep except eventually I woke up after a longer period (1-3 hours) and it was bright outside. My thoughts immediately went to the thought of coffee. The snack with the coffee was banana bread, no thank you. The flight attendant gave mine to Brent, laughing that it such a light snack that its barely anything. I tried to eat my sub, but by then (8 hours later) it was soggy and disgusting. Instead I ate the chocolate covered pretzels and panda cookies I had packed. I immediately went back to sleep, it was a shorter nap but it was a nice deep sleep.

When we landed it was a short wait at customs and we got through fast, no questions asked.

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