I’m Just Here for the Bacon

12 Dec

White Lily Diner appeared on another BlogTO best list, this time for best meat loaf. I was super psyched to go back, who can say no to their bacon? I was rather skeptical about the prospect of meat loaf. But then again, White Lily Diner was so good. To start, Brent had ordered a salad. As a side to my beef patty melt, I ordered a plate of bacon. Our server suggested if I wanted bacon, it could be added to the sandwich with a fried egg (making it a breakfast patty melt). I politely declined. I wanted to share my bacon with Brent (it’s called true love, look it up). As she approached with our mains I was momentarily taken aback. All I saw on the plates was a pile of greenery. Excuse me, I ordered a side of bacon with my sandwich- no need to guilt me with the lettuce. I laughed at Brent who had just eaten a rather large salad. Now he had to eat a second one. One bite in and already there was a growing rivulet of grease running down my ring finger. I foresaw this. Any time I sit down to an even remotely greasy meal, I take off all my rings and roll up my sleeves. There is nothing worse than grease in the crooks of your rings, periodically bugging you until you clean it out thoroughly. Both sandwiches held up pretty well and we were able to easily trade halfway (as opposed to times when we have to give instructions on how to grab it and it’s a rush to finish it before it falls apart completely). The patty melt was pretty good. The meatloaf was what you would expect. BUT the meatloaf sauce was something else. It was so good, I kind of wish I had it on the patty melt. Now that would have been an exceptional sandwich!

Nothing on the drink menu really stood out to me. There was a nice-sounding cider but it was a 750ml bottle. I eventually settled on a 5-spice sour. The cherry bitters is what pushed the drink over into amazing, it was already a really good cocktail but that just made it. We ate as much side salad as we could, so we would not look like total gluttons when we ordered a donut for dessert. Alas, the donuts were all sold out and our only options were pudding or apple pie a la mode. No thank you. Donuts or bust.

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Posted by on December 12, 2018 in Fooding


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