It Was A Compromise Alright

12 Dec

Neither of us could remember why Hungary Thai was on our fooding list. Regardless, it got there somehow, meaning we had to eat there. We eventually figured (based on the decor and the proximity to Thirsty & Miserable, both in Kensington) it was a recommendation from Anthony Bourdain’s show The Layover. What else could it be? It’s not because one of us was craving Hungarian food and one of us was craving Thai food- that’s for sure. I was expecting an interesting combo of the two, not an either/or situation. I was a little disappointed.

The Hungarian side lived up to one aspect: it was cheap and plentiful. I ordered a mulled wine and was given a giant, veritable goblet and it was piping hot. It was also not that good. Following on the heels of that, the beef paprikash was also not that good. Maybe I should have had the chicken option. Who can say? I tried some of Brent’s dishes (coconut chicken curry soup and green curry shrimp). Both were too spicy for me. He had extra rice from his main, I would have happily thrown it in the soup for next day’s lunch, but it was way too spicy. The dessert I had intended on ordering, was no longer even offered. I was not pleased with the meal. All the moreso on the walk home. Oh man did it make my stomach hurt. I kept getting hit with waves of nausea. The pickles were the best part, if you can call it that, they were just grocery store pickles. But who doesn’t like pickles. We disagreed on our rating, Brent rated it higher (I agree, his dishes were better BUT I never got to really enjoy them so it doesn’t factor into my rating).

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