By George, What A Meal!

11 Jan

Good thing we made dinner reservations at George. Not. The place was half empty. We were by far the youngest ones in there and the most casually dressed. Our server asked us if we were celebrating anything (clearly the only reason we would be eating there). Nope, just another Wednesday night out, fooding as usual. From my notes it says that

We had two options for dinner: a blind tasting menu (different sized menus available) or a-la carte. I don’t like not knowing and they were not specifically known for their tasting menu. Besides, we had already looked it up online previously and we knew exactly what we wanted. Except for wine. They did not have their wine list online, but that was what they had an award for! (I had it in my notes that they were top 100 but I cannot for the life of me find the original source for that).

When the amuse bouche arrived I had not been paying attention and for a brief second I thought it was my starter and I was shocked at how small it was. Only when I looked across and saw that Brent had the same dish did it dawn on me. Oops. It was delicious and I had high hopes for the erst of our meal. I had ordered the lobster with lemongrass and it was amazing. Brent had the duck breast, almost as good as my dish but a smidge less. He agreed in reverse, so after a few bites of each others we traded back. After that we split a second dish, the short rib and puff pastry. It was bland and not that good. The meat had no seasoning or taste to it. It was odd given how good everything else had been so far. For our mains (ordered off the “third” menu) I had the glacier bass and Brent had the beef rib eye. He won by a mile. The fish was good but nothing remarkable. The mussels on the side had been brined and were too salty. The beef rib eye, however, it was incredible. Perfectly seasoned and so good.

For dessert Brent had the sorrel and apple sorbet (sour and sour!) it was refreshingly good. I had the pistachio nougat gelato. I had to get gelato, the chef had gone to Gelato University. And it showed. The dessert was delicious. By then I had finished my glass of red wine and ordered 2oz of a 1987 aged madeira wine. I was curious what something that old would taste like. Raisins. It tasted like raisins, and it was so dark and thick and syrupy. It was great, I loved it. Except maybe the last sip, by then I was done.

By the end we debated only slightly, it was better than Aviary Brewpub, despite Aviary’s stellar speed of service.

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