New Year, New Beer

11 Jan

We decided that for 2019 we would keep active rankings of all our fooding dates, making it easier to keep track of our experiences and most obviously: to help us with our top year end picks (I know, I know, it’s only the beginning of the year- except, just a few weeks ago we were struggling to name our top 2018, so there).

Our list of places has grown beyond just BlogTO (and the occasional Toronto Life) best-of’s. In addition to the top 2018 restaurants of Canada we have added place that I have seen on Instagram and thought hey, I’d like to eat there. We started the year off at one such place. I had seen Aviary Brewpub on Instagram as one of the newer breweries to crop up in Toronto and what better way to start the new year? I don’t like beer. BUT a chocolate cupcake baked with beer? That I can get down with. House-made cracker jacks? Where do I sign? Fried chicken sandwich and house-made sausage seemed like good bets at a sports/brewpub. The cracker jacks were great and we devoured them before our food even arrived (which was actually really fast, the service was impeccable- we were just really hungry). I did not really care for the prize inside the bag, a rubbery little knock-off Bugs Bunny (it lays in a drawer now, just waiting to get KonMarie’d* out of the house). The first few bites of the fried chicken sandwich were disappointing, but it came together when you got the coleslaw in there. The hotdog won by a margin, but it too was only average. I did like the horseradish mustard though. Instead of fries there was the option to get tater tots as a side and I figured if Brent was getting fries, I could get tater tots and we ‘d split it all. I’ve never liked the idea of tater tots, but I thought I would give them a try given how much people like them. And all I did was confirm that I do not like tater tots. At all. The cupcake was good, it had a cream filling. But calling it a cupcake is a lie. It was more of a small, rich, chocolate cake. It was so rich I couldn’t finish it. ME! Can you imagine?

Don’t like beer? Don’t worry, they also had a Niagara cider on offer. There was a hibiscus beer that was alright as well.


* another fun thing for 2019? I’ve totally been taken in with the KonMarie method of tidying up and sparking joy in my life

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