Accidental Tradition

26 Jan

I guess it has become a (yearly?) tradition now: super fancy, prix fixe sushi dinners. We had one last year at Yasu for my birthday. Now this year we went to Shoushin and decided that it was our Valentine’s dinner. A month early but who cares.

Shoushin had been on two of the lists I read: Toronto Life’s top 100 of 2018, and the best of Canada 2018. I had high hopes for this dinner. It was a similar set-up and same premise as Yasu: lots of little dishes, allowing you to sample all the chef has to offer. I am a huge fan of this style of menu. You get one piece of each type of sashimi, allowing you to try a large variety. It being a high-quality restaurant, it’s also a good opportunity to try fish that I did not like in the past. Maybe it was in the quality or the preparation? As it turns out, I am still not a fan of sea urchin. I’ve had it three times total, one time from a crappy sushi place in a mall and two times at fancy onakase restaurants. It’s just not good.

It was fun eating each individual piece of sashimi and debate it, was it better than the previous? This especially worked nicely when it came to the three tuna pieces: it went from lean to medium to fatty. Oh man was the fatty one good. It was kind of hard to pick a favourite overall. The first one had more flavours to it, but the fatty tuna was just so damn melt-in-your-mouth good.

For dessert we had matcha jelly and squash creme brulee. Not the best dishes, but still an overall great dinner. It is our current top contender for 2019. But, still not as good as Yasu. A lot of the sashimi pieces, though made with different types of fish, were seasoned much the same: some soy sauce, a bit of fresh wasabi. There was not much variety in the preparation. It was still fun to watch as they prepared it all, fresh before our eyes.

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