The Fry: It Lives Up To Its Name

15 Feb

Best Korean-style fried chicken had recently been voted. Already my mouth was salivating. A quick perusal of the menu online and I was super excited (multiple chicken emojis were texted). Would it live up to the hype and allure? We decided to do one green-onion fried chicken and one spicy sauce fried chicken. I had briefly considered getting a side order of corn but the portion size looked enormous. Turns out we got three little sides (pickled radishes, pasta and something else that clearly was not all that memorable) and a small plate of corn. So it worked out in the end. To drink I had a plum sake cocktail. It came in at a whopping $17, kind of unexpected for such a fast-food casual place. Until it arrived. It was a sizeable bottle, 375ml(?), at 13%. And it tasted like candy. I really wish the drink was sold at the LCBO.

On the side we had fried seaweed rolls and honestly- they were the best part (not counting the drink). The two small orders of fried chicken were enormous. Alas, the chicken was alright but nothing outstanding. I preferred the (not so) spicy one. I am a sucker for saucy chicken. But it wasn’t any more special than regular fast food chicken. It was good yes, but the best? I still think the fried chicken at Rose & Sons was far and away better. The fried seaweed rolls were wacky, as it’s texture is soft and gelatinous, it we went well with the crispy coating.

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