I Ate So Much Salad!

07 Mar

Up next in our fooding rotation was Ruby Watchco from the Toronto Life and Canada’s Top 100 restaurants lists. I was a bit unsure about it, online it said it was served “family style” and I had no intention of sharing my dinner with strangers (even though it means eating less salad). Turns out it was “family style” but it kind of works out nicely when it’s for a table of two. The salad was surprisingly good- this coming from someone who not only hates veggies but Feta cheese as well. I am pretty proud of myself, having eaten a solid 25-30% of the salad. I was even tricked into eating a broccoli floret. It did taste like broccoli, I had been bamboozled. I laughed when I saw that the main was a pork loin. The weekend before I had sous-vide cooked a pork loin and we had been eating it for days. This pork loin however, had a crispy skin and it was oh-so-good. Things kind of dipped with the cheese plate, the cheese was boring and unremarkable. Dessert won us back over with individual little cheesecakes that were the perfect balance of tart and sweet. It was also nice to have a Collingwood cider, sorry Blue Mountain, cider that is not available in the LCBO. It is just a small apple orchard. Brent confirms this.

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