Oh Brother

08 Jul
Oh Brother
Brothers Wine Bar was #8 on Toronto Life’s Top 100 Restaurants. It was a tiny little spot off Bay just north of Bloor. So much so I was very confused as to where it was and I almost walked right by the place. Good thing we had reservations, the place filled up quickly and people were being turned away.


It being a wine bar, it only made sense to have a glass of wine to start. Brent had a beer that was a collaboration between the restaurant and Burdock. We ordered the cod remoulade, the same dish we had ordered at La Banane because ti was in the 1001 Foods book. Sweetmotherofgod this one was a world of difference. It did not taste like a generic fishcake, it was so creamy and smooth. It was just shy of a blowaway dish. A good recovery after some meh bread and butter.

We ordered the rabbit and the sweetbreads dishes to split. The rabbit was only good when covered in sauce, otehrwise it was rather bland. The sweetbreads were far and away the winner. Three different times in three different styles, sweetbreads have been so good. It might be one of my new go-to’s. Nothing on the dessert menu caught our eye and we were kind of too full anyways. Not too full for a second glass of wine, this time a rose and Brent had a white wine. So we covered the gamut. Overall it was good but not blowaway (a few weeks later and I can’t remember, did we have two appetizers? am I forgetting one?).

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