03 Oct

I didn’t expect that around #19 on a top 100 list I would be seriously considering if it was worth it to continue making our way down the list. Bymark wasn’t terrible by any means but I kind of had higher expectations for it. Until I remembered taht we had previously eaten at a McEwan joint in Yorkville and my short review was: too much butter. I don’t get why it was so subpar given how good the hot table at the McEwan grocery store is.
We split an order of the house made focaccia bread and an order of the calamari and octopus. She warned us that they had recently updated taht dish and it now had shishito peppers. I was thrilled! Shishito peppers are so good! She was legit surprised that I even knew what they were. The bread was so good. The seafood had absorbed some flavour from the peppers. My cocktail had gin and cucumber in it, so I could claim it was mildly restorative as I got over my cold and allergies double-combo.

Brent ordered the burger (that the article assured, was worth the price). I had the (what was once 72-hours sous vide but was now braised) beef short ribs with chimichurri. It was a bit salty for my liking and reliant on the chimichurri to be a good dish. The meat itself was soft and fell apart and so juicy but just the littlest bit too salty. I also don’t get why the meat mains didn’t come with sides. It was an enormous portion and a side would have been nice (along with it being a smaller portion). Drink number two was just as good, cherry liqueur might be one of my new favourites.

We didn’t stick around for dessert (even though we were given a menu after settling the bill). For one, I was pretty full but also I was not really tempted by anything on the menu. Plus there’s always Bulk Barn on the walk home.

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