Poke? Nope!

03 Oct
Poke? Nope!

I can safely say: I am still not a fan of poke bowls. This time around it was better, but I am still not a convert. North Poke was in Kensington and on the way there I scoped out a shop that might have Thai iced tea mix (I was on a mission to find it, having found out about a cookie recipe- it is impossible for me to turn down a cookie recipe).

Each part of the meal was good, it’s just that it’s a taste/texture…food… that I quickly tire of. I gave up on it, not full but just over it. Something about the heavily-sauced marinated fish, it soon started getting to me, threatening me with a stomachache. I did like the addition of the taro chips and they provided some respite, as did the seaweed but in the end I gave up. In retrospect I should have gotten a snack size BUT I went in there for dinner, so it wouldn’t have been enough. Live and learn.

At Ding Dong Exotic Sweet they didn’t have the tea mix but we did get a Japanese Coke, matcha green tea ice cream Oreos, mango Kit Kat and most importantly: freeze-dried Durian. Which we have yet to open. I’m a little scared. We also had fried eel Lay’s (which taste like what they promise which is actually not a good chip flavour) and beef sauce flavoured Lay’s- ditto.  The name of the store reminded Brent of a bakery of the same name, which happened to be just up the street.

Ding Dong Bakery had been voted best Chinese bakery and I could see why. Very efficient system of trays and checkout and so damn cheap. Things started out great, the almond cookie was not too sweet and had an odd dry texture that somehow really worked. The pineapple bun was delicious. The red bean sesame ball was barely alright. From there things went downhill. The egg tart, recommended was awful. The taro item was awful. The worst one by far was the winter-melon bun. I expected something like a fruit danish, not a dense bun tasting of flour.

One day we will open the Durian.

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