Why I Never…

03 Oct
Why I Never…

I have never been a big fan of fish & chips (even now as I write this, after having listened to How Fish & Chips Works from SYSK). Kingsway Fish & Chips was on the list of essential Toronto restaurants for tourists to visit. Which makes no sense given its location at Royal York and Bloor. But who am I to question a best-of list? And who am I to question possibly the best fish & chips, based solely on geography?

Bonus points for it being conveniently on the way home from work. I cannot believe how many times I walked right by the place in the past. We ordered fish tacos to start. I was expecting little tiny tacos not these giant behemoths. They were topped with the house coleslaw which was every bit as good as I had been led to believe. Oh man the tacos were good, with breaded and deep-fried haddock. Eating it we realized that it was the same fish as would be in my main. I had ordered a fish & shrimps & chips. Brent had the steak & kidney pie. I am still not a fan of meat pies. I’m barely even a fan of regular pies, often only eating pecan/sugar pies.The fish was so good. I was thoroughly impressed, it almost made me a fan of fish & chips, hence my initially very high ranking of the place. It was only after some debate and remembering past meals that it got bumped down a few notches. It was good fish & chips BUT compared to some other meals we’ve had it ranked around the middle.

I would happily go back for more fish & chips and coleslaw. The fries, while really good and tasting of the beef fat they were fried in, were a bit much. I also accidentally dipped one in marinara sauce, mistaking it for ketchup.

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