I Feel Like 🐔 Tonight

12 Oct
I Feel Like 🐔 Tonight

Having recently had Chick-Fil-A after it opened in Toronto (we had tried it before but we still had to go) I was keen on finally having the chicken sandwich from PG Clucks, still the best chicken sandwich in Toronto according to BlogTO. I had to go while the memory was still fresh.

Thankfully the location next to and serving Birreria Volo was still open. It had been ages since we’d been there. Plus Cantillon’s Zwanze Day had just passed the previous week- maybe they’d have some different Cantillon brews on tap?

I was drooling just thinking about the honey and jalapeno sandwich. Luckily I didn’t drool into my cherry cola sour beer. It was so good, it had all the right flavours. For my second I had a cider from Revel that I first had to confirm I didn’t buy. It had plums and elderflowers. Brent had the Nashville hot chicken sandwich, the coleslaw was good but by the time I got my half it had turned into a soppy mess. And the honey jalapeno one was a thousand times better. And certainly way better than Chick-Fil-A. Quite the debate ensued on the walk home. Firstly, where to place it in our rankings. It slowly inched its way to the top tier. But that was where we parted ways, hands-down I would eat that honey jalapeno sandwich over anything from Chick-Fil-A everyday. Even now, a few days later, I am already sort of craving it. It was that good, just oozing with honey.


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