10 Nov

Every time i thought about or we talked about, our upcoming dinner plans at Skippa, I would always hear the restaurant name in my head in the voice of one of the penguins from Madagascar. We arrived on time, it was our table that was late. Turns out the last group was slow and now we had to wait. The restaurant, top 100, was tiny. There was no bar where we could at least have a drink. Instead we waited on two chairs that really did seem to be in the way of the busy restaurant staff. They kept apologizing and saying soon- which honestly just made things worse.

Eventually we were seated. While we had OK views of the prep, most of it was happening to our left so we had to kind of crane our necks. Skippa offered a traditional omakase menu but they also had a-la carte. No thank you, we are here to see the best the chef has got. This was our fourth omakase sushi experience, we were semi-pros at this point and the competition was tough (except Sushi Kaji, it would be really hard to not top them). If your meal starts with a warm cup of sake you know you are in for a treat.
All in all it was a good dinner, not as good as Shoushin or Yasu but still an awesome night out. Dessert, as expected, was barely there. On the walk home I contemplated a box of mini Halloween candy, it was the start of the season and so far I had been good and not given in. I abstained but oh man did the cravings plague me.

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