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Florida, Take 2: Day 4

Tues. Dec 10, 2013:

Brent had caught a 24-hour flu bug and was out for the day. We decided to have a lazy day on the resort, that way I could pop by and check on Brent periodically throughout the day. My throat was sore from the past two days of screaming, I was looking forward to a quiet day of reading by the pool on River Island. So much for quiet, they were blasting Christmas music on a loop. It was bad; we had to set up camp by some water jets to drown out the noise. Once I finally settled into my lounge chair, coffee and book in hand, it was fine. Until around noon when it got boiling hot, I took a quick dip in the river and soaked my head. Back in my lounge chair it was nice to be shivering and cold, but that did not last very long.

Dec. 10, 2013- Orange Lake Resort lazy day (1)

We retreated back to the house for lunch and to check on Brent. We researched swimming with the manatees and Greg called to find out more. Alas he found out that it had been so unseasonably warm that the manatees were staying further out in the ocean, there were very few manatee sightings. It was not worth it to get up at 4:30am and risk a few hours in a boat with no sightings.

Back at the pool I was exhausted, I could not even stay awake to read. I managed to fall asleep despite the Christmas music. I woke up and in a paranoid daze went off in search of anti-getting-sick supplies. I was not going to let the inevitable flu wallop me! I stocked up on orange juice, Halls and dissolvable vitamin C/immune boosting tablets. I took it one step further and dissolved the tablet in my orange juice. I ended up falling asleep again, so much for reading. After 2 naps I was still tired and raccoon-eyed. The only thing cheering me up was watching people get sprayed with the water cannon while they floated by in the lazy river.

No matter how hard I tried to fight it and deny it: the flu was after me. I did not go out again with Tasha & Greg, who went back to Universal Studios. I took to the couch and slept for 3 hours, alas it made my back hurt. I figured if I was sick already, then sleeping in the same room as Brent would no longer be a danger to me. I did not sleep well however, it was fitful but I avoided the worst of the flu. All I got were a few aches and half a day lost. Victory!!!


*** for those of you keeping score: this is my 1000th post *shower of confetti*

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