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UpdatED: Gelato

Dear reader, if you care to remember, I recently went to Ed’s Real Scoop for a scoop of the city’s best gelato. And I was not impressed. That is until I came home and Googled it and turns out they had nailed the flavour- I just was not a fan of it. I promised to go back and what better excuse to go than during the Polish Festival on Roncesvalles? This time I got two different flavours: one scoop of pistachio gelato and a scoop of the pierniki flavoured ice cream that I have raved about before (I had to! one because I knew it was good and would make a good fail-safe lest I have another gelato-disappointment and two it was Polish festival!). I regret having ever doubted Ed’s Real Scoop. The pistachio gelato was amazing and better than Dolce Gelato (the previous best).

[Insert scoop pun]


Best of the Best of

Almost as if to make up for the previous fooding let-down, this week’s outing proved to be stellar. Tennessee Tavern had been voted best perogies and I was really psyched to go there after reading about the place online. I had really high hopes and and a very empty stomach.

Turns out I had forgotten just far Lansdowne is. For some reason I had it in my head that it was east of Dufferin and that walking there from Robarts Library after a full day of work would be a perfectly fine idea. Plus the idea of transiting at 5pm just seemed ridiculous.

Tired and exhausted we finally got there. The place was not busy at all. Despite the nice weather I did not feel like sitting on the patio. We had just spent over and hour walking mostly in the direction of the slowly setting sun. I was done being outdoors.

I have never laughed upon opening a menu. However Tennessee Tavern got me, they got me good. On the front page there was a picture of a cartoon pig holding a sign that in Polish said “eat veal.” Inside the menu had a header at the top about drinking in moderation unless you are Polish. On the menu they had to option to order a complimentary onion. It was like my dad had opened a restaurant. Right down to my main: a basket of assorted kiełbasy and kabanos.

This had not been the plan originally. We were going to split the Tennessee platter which had schnitzel, debrecyna sausage and some other stuff. However when we tried to order it we were forewarned that it was a lot of food and unless we wanted a lot of take-away we should just order the items from the platter that we wanted. Hence the basket of assorted sausages for me, and the schnitzel sandwich for Brent. I had read online that the schnitzel was not up to snuff but Brent reasoned that in the article the chef said he was working on it. So maybe it would be ok now? I was not willing to risk it. One bite and I was right. Way too much effort had been put into seasoning the breading but the schnitzel itself suffered for it. It was also enormous, comically sticking out of the sub-sandwich bun (when really it should have been in a round kaiser bun, duh). Also: why was there lettuce? Schnitzel on a bun warrants no lettuce. That was about the only ding against this place.

The perogies were amazing!!! Easily some of the best (not counting homemade) that I have ever had. We also split a soft pretzel. Also amazing. You even got to choose the type of mustard on the side. We went with grainy of course. The drink selection was also pretty good. I learned that Croatian red wine is kind of bland and Hunargian 3 year aged sour cherry brandy is really good and that Italian herb liqueur is terrible.

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Worst Best of So Far

Whenever we plan on going out fooding we always look up the menu beforehand and decide what we are going to order. We usually try to order stuff we will both like so that we can split everything. This time however was not the case. We were going to Tabule, voted best Middle Eastern restaurant. Apparently, obviously, it only made sense for Brent to order the tabouli salad given it appeared to be the namesake of the restaurant. My first choice is never salad. ESPECIALLY when the primary ingredient is parsley. As far as I am concerned parsley is a garnish. I think Brent may have eaten more parsley in one sitting than I have in my entire Polish lifetime of eating rosuł. I knew from the start that the salad was going to be a terrible idea. I had some on half a piece of pita and even still that was more than I consume in a year (or more! who can say?).

I ordered the ground beef and lamb skewers in the hopes that the lamb would be drowned out by the beef. I was wrong. And the meat itself was kind of dry and just in general not that good. For once I was glad ot have a pike of rice on my plate to help me get it down. I kept trading bites for Brent’s falafel bites which were actually really good.

Overall dinner was quite the letdown. If we had instead only had cocktails and falafels it would have been superb.


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It’s Been How Long…?

The title has a double-meaning: in that we have not been out fooding as often as usual AND best hummus got revoted which made me think…. when was the last time we had eaten best hummus? It was a long time ago. Thankfully the new winner, Fat Pasha, is much closer to our house. No complaints here, we were running out of reasonable-distance places to eat at.

I was excited to go back to Fat Pasha. As Brent read the menu to me, I stopped and gasped when he said Nutella bread pudding. My mouth started to salivate, that sounds so good I said!!! We checked my blog post from last time we went (which, going with my theme, was also quite a while ago). Turns out I have poor memory (blog justified!)- I had eaten the Nutella bread pudding and raved about how awesome it was. Hah. Great.

The menu had changed only slightly since we last went. And turns out it was again going to change in a few days. I doubt they would take hummus off the menu, but still I was secretly relieved like we had made it in the nick of time.

I was all set to order a cocktail made with rhubarb when our server mentioned a cherry sour beer. I misheard and thought there were two special beers: a sour one and a cherry one. It was so good that, quite frankly, I was ok with the inefficiency of our having the same drink. It really was that good, I guess the better selling point would have been my dislike of beer? Point made.

I was really tempted by the potato latkas, it sounded so good. And I was even more hopeful when the server said that it is her favourite dish and that the apple sauce is made in-house and is amazing. Really can’t go wrong with that.

You can go wrong- with too many potatoes. Turns out we did not do a good job of reading the menu. The crispy smashed potatoes sounded too delicious to pass up. We did not realize that latkas are primarily made of potatoes. Needless to say I have never eaten so many potatoes in my life. It did not help that Brent had ordered the lamb dish for his main. I tried a bite but it was the spiciness that got me, not my dislike of lamb.

With so many potatoes and such a giant beer I was no in shape for dessert.

Ah yes, the hummus. The hummus was delicious and definitely some of the best I have ever had. Bonus points for it being served warm and topped with chickpeas.


We Feastin’!

I’ve had sushi burritos before, they are alright but a bit too much. I was hoping that Rolltation, best sushi burrito, would have size options like the other place I had been to. Alas no such luck, but at least sushi burritos hold up nicely cold (I ended up eating the second half for dinner the next day). Was it a good sushi burrito? It was alright but like I said I am not a fan. It is a monstrosity to eat, the seaweed is not as easy to bite into as a tortilla is. Plus it is impossible to get a bite with all of the components in it. That is the beauty of sushi: you get all the flavours in one bite.

No worries, we could still turn our day around! Up next we were headed to Kensington Market to get waffles for dessert. Wafels & More was trying to emulate Belgium. I think if I had not been to Belgium and eaten so many waffles from different places I may have liked this place more. Overall I was not impressed, it was just below the lowest ranking waffle I had in Belgium. It was not a bad waffle, but when you go in with the high expectations of a true Belgian waffle… The other downside was that they were out of Speculoos butter (even though they had some for sale on the shelf, were they empties? Where the Biscoff cookie packages also fakes?!). I was not going to order it anways, it came with vanilla ice cream- bleh. It was Brent who had wanted it. I went with the cookies and cream. It was very heavy on the cream. I legit think that there was at least half a can of whipped cream atop my waffle. Maybe more. Probably more. Very likely.

On the way we stopped in at Blackbird Baking Co. We were cutting it a bit close, going so late in the day. Our goal was to get a baguette, they had been voted best baguette. And what’s a baguette without some meat atop it? I already had some good cheese at home. It made sense, especially given that Sanagan’s Meat Market was right next door. It was a tasty baguette and the sandwiches were great (it lasted us a few days!)… but I am still a fan of Thobor’s. That one I end up eating half of on my way home, just picking at it.

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Kids? Argh!

Piano Piano had been voted best kid-friendly restaurant. Honestly, I was dreading going there. I had visions of the restaurant from The IT Crowd passing through my mind. Children screaming and embarrassed parents. Piano Piano was not at all what I had expected. It had a nice interesting interior and a bar. There were only two kids in there and they were so well-behaved that it was almost unnerving. One of them was wearing a polo shirt. The menu was printed like a newspaper which entertained me to no end as Brent tried to figure out what to order. None of the cocktails caught my fancy and I decided to change it up for once and order, *gasp*, a red wine. Only because it was from Italy and we were in an Italian restaurant. My dislike of red wine may be biased because when I think of it, it is always in reference to a whole bottle not just a glass. This may be added to my future drink rotation.

Brent ordered a pizza and I ordered a pasta dish because those were the two items that Piano Piano was known for. And no wonder, the pasta dish with spicy sausage was amazing. Easily the second best in the city. First still goes to the pig-blood noodles at Enotecca Sociale. Nothign on the dessert menu really caught our fancy. I was intrigued by the Nutella tiramisu but I was not about to eat the whole thing by myself- that would be too much.

I did end up overdoing it later at Dairy Queen, straying from my go-to snack size and getting a small. It was too much and I soon regretted it.


I’m Back Baby!

It had been a while since we had gone fooding. We ran out of nearby places, I was going crazy with end of school and we had gone on vacation. Slowly but surely lists starting getting updated and new places started popping up. A few weeks ago we found ourselves having a “business lunch” yet again, this time at Drake 150. And as always I had an agenda on my phone. I tried to limit the wedding stuff and cover a wide range of topics. I have since deleted the list and I have no clue what was on that list.

I made the mistake of asking to be seated outside. Patio season had barely started and I was desperate for the feel-good of the nice weather. As we walked to the patio I glimpsed the wacky interior and all the business people having their business lunches. Dammnit, I thought, I screwed that one up. A business lunch is never complete without alcohol, enter Ginger Rogers: ginger beer and some kind of alcohol that I failed to make note of. If it is not yet obvious, I am not good at business lunching. In fact I am very bad at it.

I ordered the chicken sandwich. Honestly, the focaccia bun was the best part. Until it started to disintegrate from all the mayonnaise. The lettuce was actually one of the better components, a welcome texture amidst the chewy (even the chicken was a bit rubbery). The fries were also a welcome change. It was funny to watch Brent, in his dress shirt and tie, cutting a pizza with scissors. Ah yes, in addition to the wedding we discussed an upcoming barbecue at a friend’s house. We thought it would be hilarious to bring kale and rabbit sausages as their dog had recently found a dead rabbit and eaten their kale saplings before they even got planted. I had been assigned a deliverable: get those products. I failed because I was overburdened with shopping bags from all the sales at the Eaton Centre. Like I said, I am not good at business.

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