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the star power

me and Mike were playing GH II last night, at this point i forget which song given i played all weekend. at this point i was in a really good mood given that i had just found out that Barracuda by Heart was to be on GH III. Mike said something that got me all happy and excited while we were playing… Freebird, and i started jumping up and down all excitedly and all. which set off my star power. and then some jokes ensued. best star power ever
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Posted by on May 28, 2007 in Guitar Hero Tales


Killer Queen

me and Alex were playing GH today and we were playing my favourite song: Killer Queen by Queen. and all was going well. we were playing on medium mode, the mode i most kick ass on. but keep in mind, Alex is waaaaaay better at GH than i am, by far. so we’re playing through the song. and the WHOLE song i am winning. the little arrow on the amp is all the way over on my side, its all red and awesome. i am winning by about 3000 points. its the last note in the song, well a double note chord. easy. i should’ve gotten it. but i didn’t. i missed it. whereas Alex DID get it. and not only that. he also did star power AND that little warpy dealie. slowly but surely, the little arrow on the amp started to go to the left… i panicked. there was nothing i could do to redeem myself. and so he won. BY 9 POINTS. this by FAR has been the CLOSEST GH face-off of all time.

NOTE: i do plan on redeeming myself. THIS ISN’T OVER YET!!!

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Posted by on May 21, 2007 in Guitar Hero Tales

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