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Hungry Insomniac: Nocturnal Eats

After a day of double work there is nothing more comforting than the thought of relaxing on the patio and sipping a glass of wine- assuming that the patio is voted best patio to do such a thing, as the Midfield Wine Bar was. When we got there we were sad to see that the patio was not open yet. The weather had been nice all day, but it was dark out now, given it is only still May after all. We debated over where to go next: should we try The Hoof’s cocktail bar? We were not exactly dressed up all nice. Maybe Ali Baba’s for best late night shawarma and falafel? That felt like a bit of a cop-out given it was a nice night and they have locations everywhere. We settled on the best late night breakfast at the Thompson Diner.

Thompson Diner-  best late night breakfast (4)

The diner is located in the lobby of a hotel at King & Bathurst, given that you would think the place would be more busy. It was rather empty. This is really rather surprising as the food there is awesome, as is the service. We had easily the best waitress of all time. She was sweet and cheery and not at all grumpy. She even drew a little heart on our receipt. Brent had the pancakes stuffed with bacon and sausage. This seemed like overkill to me and I stared at him blankly… until I had a bite. The pancake was delicious! It was up there as one of the best I have ever had. BUT. My bite had no meat in it. So whether the pancake as a whole was good, that I cannot say. The pancake itself was light and fluffy with a hint of vanilla flavour, and not dry at all. I tried go the healthier route and had an egg white omelet with mushrooms, red peppers and turkey sausage- but it was drenched in grease and came with a side of home-fries- which made me love it that much more. Something so simple and yet so unbelievably delicious I ended up craving it all week (alas, my frying pan is still back at the old place so I cannot recreate it- yet). The toast on the side with little tiny jars of jam made it that much better. My only criticism is that they not offer regular pancakes (as in without meat) or waffles or french toast. There is no sweet staple on the menu. Late night breakfast is not complete without a mimosa, even if it is made with sparkling wine and not the traditional champagne (maybe that is a good thing, as it would seem a waste of good champagne).


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