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Apple Streusel Muffins

What to do when you have a pile of apples and eggs that will soon go bad, seeing as you are leaving for Florida? Apple streusel muffins from the magazine Fitness to the rescue! Bonus: I finally used up the last little bit of chopped pecans I had left over from the turtle cookies I made a long, long time ago.

And yet again, as is becoming the norm it seems, I did not have all the ingredients. It seems I not only lacked buttermilk, but also something called apple pie spice. I could only assume it was mostly made of cinnamon, but I threw in some nutmeg just in case.

Project 28- Fitness magazine apple streusel muffins (7)

This was my kind of recipe, it mentions that the dough will in fact be lumpy and that is perfectly fine. Owing to the healthiness of the recipe (i.e.: no butter) the batter was not as tasty as I would have hoped- I was worried. Turns out I worried for nothing. The muffins are delicious. However the crumble on top is flawed. I thought it was an odd way to make a crumble (as I had always been taught to mix sugar, butter and flour) of just butter and pecans. The butter just melted into the muffin and the pecans sat on top- and then comically fell off as you ate a muffin.

I did get to use some handy tips, finally giving my Resources board on Pinterest a use. First off, I was not sure if the eggs were even still good, as they were past the expiration date. I had heard that eggs last forever but I was not about to crack one open and risk the stink. The internet saved me here by telling me to place it in a glass of cold water. The egg promptly sank- and so did my heart for I had mixed up the tip and assumed it was a bad egg. I double-checked before tossing it only to find out I was wrong, the egg sank and was therefore good. Close call. The recipe was still a-go! Until I reached for the brown sugar which had formed into a rock hard lump. Back to the internet! I followed the directions that seemed least likely to burn down my house (a plastic bag in the microwave?!) and would not take 2 days (who can wait that long for muffins?): placing it in the oven for 5 minutes on 250F. Worked like a charm. Thanks internet!

Project 28- Fitness magazine apple streusel muffins (2)


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