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Tortilla Crumbs in My Purse

I found them in my purse this morning. I could’ve sworn I had gotten them all out yesterday, as well as brushing off the pineapple bits and everything else that fell on my purse. So what was this messy feast? Ooh, I don’t know, maybe, just maybe I finally managed to get in to Grand Electric? Sorry, we, we managed to get in. It was mostly Brent’s doing. I was running late thanks to the wonders of transit and he got there before me and held our place in line. He got there half an hour before open and there was no need for lurking around until someone else started the line. Brent was 8th in line. Soon after more and more people started showing up. By the time we were seated the hostess was up to telling people they could get a table at 9pm, 3 hours later!

Chorus: How hipster was it?
Reply: Water was served in IKEA glasses!

Was it worth having to stand in line with the world’s most irritating people? Was it worth getting crumbs all over my purse? Hell yeah. The crumbs were because we were seated at the bar and I had to keep it on my lap, and tacos are messy creatures. To start we had pig-tail tacos, pork belly tacos and baja fish tacos because I had read that the pig-tail tacos were amazing, Brent read good things about the pork belly and Grand Electric just go voted best fish tacos. We also ordered the tuna ceviche. The pig-tail taco was amazing. The pork-belly taco was even better. Then thirdly we tried the baja fish taco… it was otherworldly. So much so that we ordered a second one. It was that good.First I bit into just the little fish bit that stuck out (it was bigger than the taco) and it was amazing, so soft and delicious and not heavy for something battered & fried. Then biting into the taco as a whole, amazing, the sauce the onion slices, the whole thing. In our second round of ordering we also went for the guacamole and chips for I had heard amazing things about it. I have never had guacamole or avocados for that matter. I just always assumed that they were both gross, I mean come on, it is green & lumpy, blech. It was not blech, it was delicious. And the chips that went with it were also good, I was kind of worried that they would just serve us Tostitos.

Chorus: How hipster was it?
Reply: There were picnic benches indoors!

I could not go to the Best Mexican restaurant and not have a margarita, and I ‘spose it was good? I surprisingly liked the salt on the rim, not quite sure as to why. Grand Electric was also known for their extensive bourbon collection so of course we also indulged in it. I had a sip of Brent’s bourbon that he ordered neat (after looking up on his phone how to order bourbon, I might add), made an awful face and went back to my margarita. For my second round I had a Grand Electric Sour, whihc is made with vanilla bourbon… and egg whites… and is sprinkled with pepper on top. Somehow, it tasted really good. I don’t know by what magic (possibly helped along by the previous margarita, who can say really) it was delicious. Although I blame it for the stomachache I had later that night, either that or the overeating, who knows?

Chorus: How hipster was it?
Reply: It was full of hipsters!

I was adamant about having dessert. I didn’t care how much we had eaten, I wanted dessert. And we had eaten a lot. The tacos were small and the tuna ceviche was rather small, so of course we figured the guacamole & chips would be too. It was not. We ate so much.

Chorus: How hipster was it?
Reply: It is located in Parkdale!

Why the demand for dessert? Really, you must really ask that? Come, on, it is dessert for cripes sake! Nah, I had an ulterior motive. I had read a disparaging review claiming that it was awful that dessert was served in a mason jar. I had to have that. I had to eat dessert out of a mason jar. We had the chocolate & pecans, not really sure what that would entail exactly given that was the name of it. It was candied pecans atop chocolate mousse with a layer of cream cheese at the bottom. In a mason jar. Weird but good.



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