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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Yesterday we went to the Jays vs. Red Sox. You would think that the last place I would be is at a baseball game given this summer I am going to a bunch of them (8 maybe? I forget). But you forget, I am incredibly bored these days. Not a heck of a whole lot going on. And if I didn’t go the tickets would be wasted. They were really good tickets, 5th row! I could (if I wanted to) throw things at the players, that is how close! Plus it now helps that PINK (finally) has Blue Jays gear (even though I much prefer the Phillies, why? Because they have the best mascot).

And I found another reason to “love” baseball. (As if eating Cracker Jacks isn’t enough). I find that when you sit close enough, you can laugh at the players stances while at the plate. My hands-down favourite was Bautista, he just looks silly. Runners up were: guy who looks like he is riding a horse and guy who spins the bat around his head (looking like a helicopter).

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