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Gluttony Ahoy!

For lunch today we headed out early to The Burger’s Priest in Leslieville. Why early you may be asking? What good can come of eating a giant greasy burger so early in the day? We got a ride from Braeden. It saved is from having to walk 2.5 hours each way. And as it turns out we also just missed the rush. I went in, and turned right back around and got out. It was insanely crowded in the tiny storefront. I sat outside (near a wasp nest, that forced me to move further down to the KFC parking lot). No sooner had Brent gone in to place our order, a giant line formed. I know this because the line went out on the sidewalk. For good reason too. The cheeseburger I had was amazing! Albeit it was kind of weird. I ate a piece of just the meat and found it surprisingly bland. I say surprisingly because overall the burger was really good, tomatoes and all (well not all, the second one fell out onto the sidewalk, I shed no tears for it). The burger was a greasy, dripping, falling apart mess of deliciousness. Needless to say I could barely finish mine. And it was the default smallest burger, with cheese. It was a double patty. People, this is a lot of meat! They feature a secret menu and Ryan actually ordered off of it. He ordered The Vatican with breaded jalapenos. It was so amusing watching him eat it, as well as watching passersby and their reactions.

(Cheeseburger, and in the back Cheeseburger with a Portobello)

(Ryan’s mass of a burger)

Full of burger-y deliciousness Brent and I headed off along Queen Street, leaving Braeden and Ryan behind. We still had soem business to attend to in Leslieville. Namely, best whoopie pie and best coffee roasters. But also some cupcake shops along the way. Up first we chanced upon Sweet Bliss. It was a nice surprise, for I had thought it was further east. I stopped in and promptly purchased a cupcake. It turns out now I had it mixed up with Life Is Sweet, which actually is further east. Damn. Anyways, picked up a pumpkin spice cupcake that the guy wrapped up nicely, right down to tying a bow around it. Up next we went to It’s The Icing on the Cake were I bought an orange coloured strawberry cupcake. I was convinced she had lied to me. But that was disproved during my impromptu mini-photo-shoot in a bus shelter. I got so many weird looks. But the cupcakes had to be photographed lest they get destroyed/eaten on the way home. While taking out the orange cupcake I got some icing on my finger, it was strawberry flavoured.

(Strawberry cupcake- It’s the Icing on the Cake)

We crossed the street to Bobette & Belle where they did have the lemon cupcake in stock, but I was so afraid of it being mired by butter-cream AND being dense that I opted not to get it (already was carrying two cupcakes, had one more stop to make). The whoopie pies were small so we got two, chocolate and red velvet. The red velvet we tore into as soon as we left. It was OK, it was rather dense and rich, which is the signature marking of a whoopie pie. Thank God it was so small. Needless to say, we did not eat the second one right away. The second one was way better. The cream in the middle was very lightly flavoured with peanut butter and the cake part had the slightest hint of coffee flavour, but neither was overpowering.

(Red velvet and chocolate whoopie pies- Bobbette & Belle)

All this made me rather thirsty, thankfully Te Aro was the next stop along the way. The cafe itself is very nice, big and spacious with a large patio. They offer cuppings as well, where you taste different coffees and learn about them. The coffee itself that I had, Elevens it was called, was not as good as I had hoped for. It was a bit winy at the end. Personally, I prefer Full Of Beans. They had a much larger selection and the coffee tasted better. Last stop on my short cupcake tour was Desmond & Beatrice. There I purchased a spicy carrot cupcake (it was between that and the chocolate mint, but I hate mint).

(Spicy Carrot- Desmond & Beatrice)

So how did the three cupcakes fair?

The winner was Sweet Bliss’s pumpkin spice. It had just the right amount of spices and subtle flavour of pumpkin and the cream cheese icing on top was light and creamy, not heavy. Second place was Desmond & Beatrice with the spicy carrot cupcake. A light and fluffy, well spiced cupcake, with actual shreds of carrot in it. Also with a cream cheese icing on top and (for some weird reason) a pecan. The icing was a bit thicker and sweeter, not as good as Sweet Bliss’s. Last place goes to It’s The Icing on the Cake. The cupcake was very fake in it’s flavour. It was more like eating strawberry candy than anything else. There was no evidence of real fruit anywhere in the cupcake. And it had coconut flakes on top. Weird. It ranks fairly low in terms of all the cupcakes I have had thus far.
(Pumpkin Spice- Sweet Bliss, best cupcake of the day)


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