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Taste of China

I have to get out of the habit of agreeing to going out for heavy food after bootcamp. Turns out I learned nothing the first time around when we went to Pukka for best butter chicken. Yet again I found myself, barely able to walk to the restaurant, the pain slowly setting in, hitting me in waves. This time thankfully we did not have to walk as far. We were heading out to Taste of China for best Chinese food which was on Spadina, i.e.: not far from Hart House.

Taste of China being known as a seafood restaurant, we had to order something seafood. For starters we each ordered a crispy shrimp roll. It was tasty but nothing special. Just shrimp inside a flaky roll with some sauce on the side. No fanciness, no nothing. Just shrimp.


I had been looking forward to this all day, it was all I could think about. This may have been because I was hungry. Maybe. At the last minute I changed my mind from getting the sweet and sour chicken with pineapples (pineapples? blech!) and instead got sesame chicken with minced shrimp. I was expecting a gooey sticky mess of sesame oil sauce. I was also not expecting such a large portion. Who can possibly eat three chicken breasts?? Keep in mind each one was layered with shrimp, then wrapped in breading and sesame seeds! It was delicious yes, but after a while I got tired of eating it. Shrimp is one of those foods that cannot be eaten in large quantities. The stuffed crab claw that I was so looking forward to was less than stellar. It fell flat, it just did not taste all that good to be honest. Brent was the clear winner, ordering a tried and true favourite that I have yet to see go wrong, General Tsao’s chicken.


I’ve learned my lesson for next time, don’t order the wacky specials. Stick with the tried and true, saucy sticky favourites.


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Best Butter Chicken

There is nothing like walking for half an hour after an intense bootcamp workout… in order to eat the best butter chicken in the city. We just so happened to take a route to St. Clair that took us up Bathurst. My eyes lit up, Dutch Dreams!! I insisted we stop at this ice cream parlour/Dutch store. I was desperate for (at the time) Speculoos cookies  . The previous week while I was in the States I lamented getting only the berry Oreos, leaving behind brownie-filled Chips Ahoy. Lo and behold, we found them at Dutch Dreams, along with lemon Oreos and stroopwaffel cookies. I was in heaven.


Pukka should be voted more than just best butter chicken. Yes, the butter chicken was amazing, with just the right amount of spicy. And yes the sauce on its own was also delicious (we ordered a basket of assorted naans solely for that purpose). The real star was the sweet potato samosas. They were unbelievably well made. Just the right amount of crispy without being teeth-breaking hard, the insides were not a giant mush and they were not sopping in grease.


It was nice to go out to a fancy restaurant to eat butter chicken. I so easily associate it with a buffet in the middle of the day, where I overeat and spend the rest of the day hating myself. This was a nice change of pace.




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