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Coffee Break

It’s well into the end of the semester here and oh man is it a struggle. That’s why when Brent suggested an afternoon coffee date at Clockwork Coffee, best pour over coffee, I did not even hesitate. A break from my 16 page essay*?! Heck yes!! Plus coffee fuels me, bonus. We had been meaning to go here for a while, it is around the corner from the King Edward Hotel after all- but it’s not open on weekends.

A pour over coffee makes one feel so fancy. Rather than coffee poured from a large pot that has been sitting there for god only know’s how long, you get a freshly made individual cup. Yes, it takes a bit more time. But the barista was awesome and we had a really nice conversation. I found out that they are newly included on this year’s Indie Coffee Passport (which made me wish I had the time for it). If I lived/worked nearby this would totally be a regular haunt for me, hands-down. We had ordered a regular pour over and a specialty pour over. Both were absolutely delicious, as one would expect with high quality coffee, duh. I’m starting to think that maybe I should have bought some for brewing at home. OR I now have the perfect excuse to go back. Lord knows I need another break**.

Side note: as I was ordering Brent pointed out what was playing over the speakers. It was Josh and Chuck doing an ad for their podcast Stuff You Should Know. I freaked mildly, migawd, this place was amazing. Good coffee, awesome service AND Josh & Chuck on the sound system?! Alas, it was only an ad not an episode.

* later that day, fueled by coffee and ready to work, I double-checked the assignment guidelines and discovered it is in fact a 14-16 page essay
** I’m only at page 11, hence the sigh.


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