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Meatball Sandwich?

Best meatball sandwich was voted as being from California Sandwiches. I am not sure who was on this panel, but it would appear to be people who work at California Sandwiches and people who have only eaten at California Sandwiches. Namely: people who do not know what a good sandwich actually tastes like. I have tried three sandwiches from there, all were on the scale between gross and meh. I did not have high hopes for the meatball sandwich. I was right. It was bland and a horrible mess. The bottom bun was a giant sopping mess and pretty much rendered the utility of the sandwich useless. There is nothing more sad than a sandwich that has failed so fundamentally, the bread is meant to hold the delicious ingredients in place while keeping your hands clean (bonus points if the bread is actually good). This was a completely and utterly epic fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. I have tried four different sandwiches from California Sandwiches (yes, one of them was the “famed” veal, that was the second worst). I am unimpressed and do not understand the hubbub. I have a sneaking suspicion that people who like California Sandwiches also like Holy Chuck (except Brent, but we will ignore that so my statement is not lost, gotta love data manipulation).

California Sandwiches- best meatball sandwich (1)

You want a good meatball sandwich you go to Pusateri’s and buy the ready-made meatballs and a bun from the bakery. THAT WOULD BE AN AMAZING MEATBALL SANDWICH. The meatballs already come pre-sauced so no worries. I will report back in a few days once I create this awesome sandwich. Until then, good riddance and take everything with a grain of salt.

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