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Philanthropy Anyone?

I had an idea today for a charity. As always my idea is free for the taking because I have no idea where or how to start it, so have at it!

It would be called Cupcakes For Causes and every 2-3 weeks I would set up shop somewhere (say an office building or school lobby) and sell cupcakes and mini-cupcakes and all the money would go to a charity. The charity would be different each time, and I would ask local bakeries to donate a dozen or so cupcakes (being given full credit as benefactors of course). I would not reimburse myself for the cost of making the cupcakes either. That would be my donation. Eventually when it gets real big, I would have people running other outposts at other locations, same time same cause. And there would be information brochures and maybe even a representative from the charity being supported that day. Any leftover cupcakes would be taken to a nearby homeless shelter too.

I have noooo idea where to start.

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Posted by on December 14, 2011 in Ideas


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