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Free Lunch Anybody?

Me and my sisters had all registered at Panera Bread and thus we all got freebies! They got free pastries, I got a free smoothie so we had a nice balanced lunch of strawberry smoothie, cinnamon bun and pecan bun. The smoothie tasted like ice cream. The cinnamon bun was not well balanced, there was too much cinnamon in the middle and not enough at the outer edges. The pecan twist lacked pecan bits. But it was all free, so it was all good.

As if that was not enough we also had a coupon to Pickle Barrel for a free mini dessert. We went in, handed the coupon, devoured the tiny dessert, got up and just left. It was the fastest restaurant “meal” I have yet to have.

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Posted by on April 19, 2012 in Adventures of Pinka!, Fooding


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