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Coffee Break

It’s well into the end of the semester here and oh man is it a struggle. That’s why when Brent suggested an afternoon coffee date at Clockwork Coffee, best pour over coffee, I did not even hesitate. A break from my 16 page essay*?! Heck yes!! Plus coffee fuels me, bonus. We had been meaning to go here for a while, it is around the corner from the King Edward Hotel after all- but it’s not open on weekends.

A pour over coffee makes one feel so fancy. Rather than coffee poured from a large pot that has been sitting there for god only know’s how long, you get a freshly made individual cup. Yes, it takes a bit more time. But the barista was awesome and we had a really nice conversation. I found out that they are newly included on this year’s Indie Coffee Passport (which made me wish I had the time for it). If I lived/worked nearby this would totally be a regular haunt for me, hands-down. We had ordered a regular pour over and a specialty pour over. Both were absolutely delicious, as one would expect with high quality coffee, duh. I’m starting to think that maybe I should have bought some for brewing at home. OR I now have the perfect excuse to go back. Lord knows I need another break**.

Side note: as I was ordering Brent pointed out what was playing over the speakers. It was Josh and Chuck doing an ad for their podcast Stuff You Should Know. I freaked mildly, migawd, this place was amazing. Good coffee, awesome service AND Josh & Chuck on the sound system?! Alas, it was only an ad not an episode.

* later that day, fueled by coffee and ready to work, I double-checked the assignment guidelines and discovered it is in fact a 14-16 page essay
** I’m only at page 11, hence the sigh.


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What A Combo…

Today was a family day of sorts, everyone was free so we went to the Distillery District for the Christmas Market. For lunch we went settled for Mill St. Brewery Pub. I say settled because it was really busy and the service was slow. I was intrigued by the lobster grilled cheese but then Lucy mentioned having it and it not being that good, but I still could not get over it. I had been craving seafood for a few days now and it was a toss-up between it and an open-faced steak sandwich. The idea of eating a messy saucy open-faced sandwich in public weighed heavily in my decision… to get the lobster grilled cheese. Lucy’s complaint about it was that there was not enough lobster. That was not the case in my sandwich. The lobster to two types of cheese (cheddar and brie) ratio was equal. The lobster meat was sandwiched between the two cheeses. However the bread was too thick. There were parts where all I got was bread. I ended up leaving one last corner bite because it was just bread. The coleslaw between the sandwich and fries was gross. I really do think it was there solely as a decorative divider to keep the fries from touching the sandwich.

Full but still craving dessert, we went to Soma on my insistence. I was adamant about getting some hot chocolate, and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Did I mention it was freezing cold outside and I had not properly warmed up? Yep, could barely feel my toes. At Soma I had the Mayan hot chocolate. I barely looked at the ingredients list… which provided for a rather interesting surprise when I had my first sip and felt a burning at the back of my throat, a spicy burning not a hot burning. It was made with chili peppers and ginger and vanilla and cinnamon. A little too much of the chili peppers I’d say, kind of overpowered the drink as a whole. But definitely one of the best and most interesting hot chocolates I have ever had.

We stayed to watch some kids sing some Christmas songs. I stood there shivering, trying to drink my coffee in the rain. The coffee was from Balzac’s and it was really good, the right mix of nutty and strong flavour. Not enough to make it worthwhile to stand in the freezing cold and rain. My complaining won out and we left. Three hours later now… my toes are still icicles.


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I finally managed to find my beloved gingerbread syrup… only to find that it doesn’t really work well in my coffee. I drink it too strong for the gingerbread flavour to stand out. Thankfully I also have a horrid hot chocolate addiction (1-2 a day) and it goes great in my hot chocolate! At the moment I am hooked on white hot chocolate, which Bulk Barn started carrying. Thank goodness they are opening that one on College & Yonge, by the time I run out it should be open, just in time for me to blow any money I have left after the Christmas season on white hot chocolate. There are ample cocaine jokes that can be made here. Go nuts.

And to top it off? More gingerkids cookies. They taste so good when dunked in white hot chocolate… and now I am craving it real bad.

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