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A Burger Bested By Beer?!

I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought I would be saying this but… the beer was actually better than the food at last night’s dinner! I am not entirely surprised however. We were going to Rhino, voted best cheap drinks. As I was trying to find a menu or recommendations of what is good I kept reading the same things over and over, avoid the fish & chips, the burgers are amazing. I had high hopes for this burger.

The night did not start out so well. We walked in, looked around, no one seated us so we took to it ourselves. We proceeded to sit there for what felt like an agonizing stretched out period of time. But eventually someone came by with menus. The beer menu was enormous, it put the food menu to shame. On their standard menu they claimed there were more than 357 beers. That is not counting featured beers OR what is on tap. Needless to say, I the non-beer drinker, was more than mildly overwhelmed. That quickly dissipated however thanks to their nifty coding system. Each beer had a little coloured square beside the name, under the country heading, that denoted what type of beer it was. And lo and behold, my fail safe in beer environments was plentiful: fruit beers! And boy were there a lot to choose from, why almost 10 from my recollection. Which is a lot more than the usual one sad and lonely beer.

Our food arrived in no time. I had the burger, Brent had the rhino burger. Sounds safe right? Wrong. Apparently a regular burger consists of TWO patties. I took one glance at Brent’s monster of a burger and felt better. That is, until I bit into mine. It wasn’t bad, it’s just that I had high expectations is all. It was just a regular plain, kind of bland burger. It was by no means “godly” as one person had put it.

The beer was what saved the night (another thing I never ever thought I would be saying). It was actually good! The first one I had was a Belgian beer made with what I assume were peaches (it said pecheresse on the label). The second was an apple one from Quebec. This one actually tasted a bit like beer… and cotton candy bubblegum. The weirdest part was the fact that on both bottles there were scantily-clad women. I don’t get it.

Our waiter was awesome. He told us all about the beer cellar downstairs and how it is just shelves and shelves of beers and how much it sucks to go down there looking for obscure beers. Brent ordered a beer that turned out to be out of stock, and the waiter came by with an equivalent. Then the equivalent of sommeliere (I called her the true beernoisseur) came by and asked how it was.

In the future, I will eat something before going to the Rhino. The drinks really are dirt cheap.


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