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That’s Amore!

As luck would have it, a new pizza joint opened up down the street from my house. Almost instantly I insisted on going there. To no avail, my pleas fell on deaf ears (as did my suggestions of going to Easy Restaurant and some other one that I forget, both of which have now been added to the roster for getting rave reviews… I was right! Sort of… just let me have it). That is until: at Mitzi’s while waiting for a table to open up I picked up an issue of NOW magazine… that just so happened to be an issue on the best delivery options in the city. And what pizza joint happened to get a glowing review for their delivery pizza? Why FBI Pizza, the place a stone’s throw from my house. So *now* it was on the roster. Even moreso after yet another glowing review, this time on BlogTO.

Did it live up to the hype? I cannot say for sure. Part of the hype is that it is a sister location to Queen Margherita pizza (another place I have been wanting to go to, before the reviews were found) and having not been there, I cannot say. How was the delivery? I think I did a smashing job of delivering the pizza from the parlour to Brent’s house, without stopping somewhere to devour half of it. It smelled so good. I made the TTC pleasant for that short while. But I must say, while I was there the phone was off the hook with calls every few minutes and the (kinda cute) delivery guy was running around, super busy. As was most everyone there. The people running the place were all really nice to me. Given I was the only person in there. I do not think it has quite yet caught on as a hang-out pizza parlour place. Delivery-wise though, they were getting calls from places as far away as Spadina. I was bored, I had no choice but to eavesdrop.

And the pizza itself? Fanshmabulous. And this is not just because I love pizza. This was damn good pizza. The best part? That it was not super greasy. I had the box on my lap for a good half hour whilst in transit. No grease marks! (Cannot say the same for a 10min drive with a Pizza Pizza box on my lap though). We ordered the pepperoni, mushroom and prosciutto toppings (they don’t have pre-fabricated pizza combos, you build it yourself). What was nice that you could choose the sauce, crust (white, whole wheat, thin) and the toppings. Also delicious was the roasted hot pepper dipping sauce that was handmade that morning (the guy assured me). Mildly too spicy for me, but good in small amounts.

And now that I know of this place. And is down the street from me. And they serve slices. I will be wearing sweatpants a lot more… given my pants are slowly going to become too small….




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