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Caramel Pear Cookies

What happens when you replace almost all the butter with applesauce in your cookie recipe? You end up with little muffins/cakes instead. It could have also been the fact that I was a bit short on flour. Or that I was too lazy to separate the egg yolk, it calls for one egg and one yolk. In my defense what was I going to do with one egg white afterwards?!


This whole thing began when my dad gave me a bag of fruit to take home, followed by a promise to buy me more pears. I looked at him and said, I don’t like pears. He said, fine, just eat these ones then. I shrugged, this was one I would not win.


And so they sat there, two sad looking pears in my fridge. I thought I would find a use for them. Initially I wanted to make a pear compote, but then I would have nothing to eat it with lest I go out of my way to acquire some pancakes or waffles or good toast. Plan b: search Pinterest for pear recipes. I came across one for caramel pear cookies that seemed simple e



It was not a good day in the kitchen from the start. I had (still have, actually) no idea where to get caramel bits. So I used the next best thing: Skor bits. It’s kind of sort of the same thing? In trying to be healthier I decided to forgo butter and use applesauce instead. Everywhere I read though said to swap out half the butter for applesauce. I, being the “creative” type that I am, decided to ignore that advice. Instead adding only 1/4 the amount of butter (actually, it was margarine) and the rest was applesauce. In the recipe it calls for melting the butter, but it felt futile to melt 3 tablespoons of margarine, and the applesauce was mushy enough to cover it. It looked like a gross sopping mess.


The end result: it was like cake batter not cookie dough. Which was not a total surprise, as the internet had warned me that applesauce can do that. I used the star baking molds from that time I tried to make star shaped shortbread cookies otherwise it would have been a catastrophic mess of batter everywhere.


In the end: they are nowhere near cookies. They are little muffins without the muffin top. And tasty, which in the end is all that matters. Even if my final result was nowhere near the intended result.DSCN1468


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Pancakes Fit For A Queen

The word’s British and cuisine don’t exactly go together, which is why I was wary of going to a British gastropub for brunch over the weekend, the best gastropub in the city. That is, until I saw that they had pancakes on the menu.

The pancakes came with a scoop of peanut butter ice cream on top and they were drenched, just soaked with maple syrup. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. They were greasy and soggy and absolutely delicious, despite their poor appearance. The peanut butter ice cream was surprisingly good, given it was peanut butter ice cream, which sounds gross. It melted and soaked into the pancakes, only adding to the tastiness.

They still somehow managed to be light and fluffy, despite the sopping mess. Leave it to the Brits to take something as simple as pancakes and turn it into a greasy gross-looking mess, and yet it tasted delicious.

Speaking of something looking gross but tasting delicious, I had a bite of Brent’s scotch egg. That is a deep-fried egg wrapped in chorizo. It is the first time I have ingested egg yolk in it’s normal form (as in not disguised as a cookie or french toast) and enjoyed it. Who knew? All you had to do was wrap it in chorizo and deep fry it.


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Take it EASY

I’ve been having a rough go of it lately, to put it lightly. The combination of recently graduating and having to harass agencies to take me on as an interpreter, a death in the family and subsequently most of my family leaving to Poland because of that. Yeah, things were wearing on me.

What better pick-me-up is there than… WAFFLES!!! If waffles do not cure your blues, then I don’t know what could. And at this point I would like to say I am in no way (yet) affiliated with or paid by any Waffle Councils. Man would that be awesome though. We went to Easy because it is at the halfway point between my house and Brent’s and also we had been meaning to go there for quite a while now. Brent had the Huevos Divorciados (voted best Heuvos Rancheros in the city) and I, as mentioned, had the waffles. I was wary of ordering the house specialty because it sounded disgusting, here are just a few of the components: re-fried black beans, sunnyside-up eggs, ancho jam. Everything else in it, not so gross sounding. But how did that giant mess of food taste? Surprisingly delicious. I liked the spiciness and the overall mix of a bunch of different flavours. I may have even ingested some egg yolk and a few beans!

Given that best waffles has yet to be announced/determined on the BlogTO website I would suggest Easy as a strong contender. I was rather shocked, I admit. Why the shock? They were whole wheat waffles! And they came with blueberries! They tasted amazing, they had a slight hint of oatmeal instead of the usual sand-flavour one associates with bad whole wheat. And the fruit was not just on the side, as I pleasantly discovered, there was also fruit underneath! Made all smooshy and soft from the heat of the underside of the waffle.


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