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Blink Blink… Blink

Yesterday I went into a serious food coma. I was falling asleep while sitting upright! That’s how bad it was! Why the food coma you ask? I walked to Brent’s house, this left me starving. Before leaving I made the mistake of checking my email, wherein I had a message from the Toronto Food Truck Mailing list. Buster’s Sea Cove’s brand new food truck was going to be a stones throw away from Brent’s house! But I was in a rush to get to his house because we were going to Porcehtta & Co. for the best breakfast sandwich. Why they serve a breakfast sandwich until 3pm, I do not know.

As we walked along Dundas we looked down Ossington to see if we could see the food truck, we could not. But we did see a lot of people eating fish tacos. We got a bit paranoid, imagining up crazy scenarios of the food truck running out of fish. We almost went back. Almost. We thought better of it, we had our eyes on Porchetta. Buster’s was going to be a follow-up snack en route back to Brent’s. Good thing we didn’t. We had been under the impression that the sandwich (a Porchetta sandwich with an egg and smoked gouda on top) was served until 3:30pm. We got there ten minutes before they stopped serving it.

Yet again, I ended up swearing with a mouthful of food. I thought the Porchetta sandwich was good. I thought what difference would an egg make? Somehow it was breathtaking. I made the mistake of not having a bite of Brent’s, so I cannot say how mine with the truffle sauce tasted compared to non-truffle sauce. It did not make it taste awful is all I can say.

It was Doors Open so we went to see some open stuff. We wandered into a fire station where my illusions were shattered… there was no firepole for the firefighters to slide down! I left. The Buddhist temple that was supposed to be open was not. So we turned back and headed to find that food truck!

Alas, the food truck was not what I had expected. There were only three things on the menu: fish tacos, crab rolls and lobster rolls. Having just eaten a giant sandwich, I was hardly in the mood for more bread. As we waited for our fish tacos we overheard some girls contemplating their orders. One was considering a lobster roll, but she doesn’t like mayonnaise. Yeah, lobster/crab roll is not the order for her.

The fish tacos were subpar, given we had already experienced the sublime ones from Grand Electric (to which no fish taco could ever stand up to), but not all that bad. But they did not hold a candle to the best.

And then we topped it off with candy. I could barely move at the end of our escapade.


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