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The Frozen Dessert That Almost Killed My Blender

I had it in my head that because it was summer, I should makeΒ  a delicious summer treat. And what better treat than frozen yogurt? I found a simple recipe for strawberry frozen yogurt. Toss some fruit and yogurt with a touch of honey in a food processor and freeze it. Simple! Except, I do not have a food processor. I figured a blender was close enough, right?


Wrong. The damn thing nearly died. The motor sounded like it would stop at an moment, and it stunk!!! I have learned my lesson, there is a difference between the two and they cannot be swapped out. It did finally blend smoothly. After freezing it however, it came out a solid block. I left it out to thaw as suggested in the comments… but then it sort of curdled! It was an epic fail.



Posted by on August 27, 2014 in I Will One Day Attempt To Make This



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