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Mac N Cheese

The best macaroni and cheese had recently been updated. It was no longer at Victory Cafe. now it was now at Gabardines. This time we came back with a reservation. Even still, the hostess seemed confused and had to run back and check with some other people. Despite having just had mac & cheese a few weeks ago, I was game to have some more.

They had the option as well to add smoked ham on top, why not I thought? I lived to regret that, it made the dish even heavier than it alraedy was. The first half was tasty, even if it was a little bit too cheesey (yes, there can in fact be such a thing). Towards the end I really got sick of it and the ham was not helping. Mac & cheese very quickly tips over into too much, it is not a gradual thing. I joked that I would wind up lactose intolerant after this meal.


Gabardines was OK, but nothing really special. I had a bite of the chicken and waffles that Brent ordered, again it was tasty but not outstanding. It is a rather fancy-looking place, you cannot really walk in and get a table. It also was not the best mac & cheese, it was good, but not the best. For the best you have to wait until the last two weeks of August and go to the Food Building at the CNE. There you will find the Mac & Cheesery, the deep-fried mac & cheese balls are to die for. Little bites of cheesey, noodley, crunchy, greasy heaven.


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