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41.) Eat at least one food featured on the show Man Vs. Food

When I first concocted this idea, namely while watching him chow-down (not a good idea when you are hungry and feeling arrogant) I was think in the far off future, months away at least. Now it is coming up. In two days actually. Two days from now, soon after crossing the border we will be sitting down for a nice brunch at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que… for giant sandwich and some sides, aptly called the Pork-Sket Platter. Initially I was all “I am going to eat the whole thing!” but after the foot long hot dog, I am not so sure. Technically I just want to eat food featured on the show, not complete the (insane) challenges. The other reason is that after our post-pig-out pit-stop at Rochester House (I can finally get my photo-geek fix) we are heading to an early dinner of what I think is a double hot dog, as in two hot dogs in one bun. So if you are keeping track here: late lunch + early dinner with a quick run through a museum between the two. Should be interesting…

If you don’t hear from me regarding this, then I have either died or gone into a food-coma.

You know what. I’m going to get just the Pork-sket sandwich (Texas Beef Brisket topped with melted cheese & pickled Jalapenos, layered with pulled pork & finished with coleslaw) sans sides. Sides are lame. It will look something like this (when I took on the foot long pulled pork hot dog):

(Note: My eyes are closed because I am laughing at how absurd the situation must look to my dining companions, I am not cringing in pain. It was delicious)

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