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Pinka’s World Cup World Tour: Day 9

Sun. July 13, 2014:
Delft, Netherlands

In the morning the church bells were at it again, but this time they were really ringing: it was Sunday morning and all of Delft had to know it. Somehow, I managed to fall back asleep and I didn’t wake til 10am. I suggested we go to Bagels & Beans in the square for breakfast. We sat on the patio with a great view of the centre. We were far enough from the church that bells were much more tolerable. The café was so awesome that it was settled: we would come back again the next day. Such a delicious yes simple breakfast: coffee and a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry jam. I was tempted to get chocolate sprinkles but we were going to come back so no worries.

July 13, 2014- Delft (1)

We finished with just enough time to walk over to the Prinsenhof Museum and be there for open. It was a small museum, we had time to read all the info panels and not rush. The first half of the museum was about the royal history of the Netherlands. We got to see the bullet holes left in the wall after Prince William of Orange was assassinated. We learned about it from a hilariously out-of-date CGI reenactment video.

The second half of the museum was mostly ceramics, delftware. Towards the end I was getting really sick of seeing delftware. Thankfully they had some fun interactive exhibits. In one there was a motion sensor and you played a game where you decided on which objects were more valuable and you “threw” the two least valuable on the ground. There was also a giant ceramic vase you could draw on and then have your picture taken with it. We had managed to spend two and a half hours in the museum, during which time the weather had rained itself out.

Back in the hotel as we watched True Detective things were looking bad. I was down to my last two Speculoos cookies. After our break we went out in search of a bar to watch the game in that evening. Brent had written down the top four, we would see if they had TVs. The top bar did not have a TV, we stopped there for lunch that way Brent would not be remiss about missing out on a good beer selection. I ordered a frozen white mocha. After we ordered our food, I realized I should have ordered a fruit beer to go with my ham & cheese toasted sandwich. I had no idea which one to get, so I just settled for the most expensive one (Bacchus Framboise by Honsebrouck), it had to be the best right? The beer was a little sour and raspberry flavoured- it actually tasted like real beer, not just fruit juice in beer. The sandwich was the clear winner of the day. It was heavenly: thin white rye bread and really good cheese, all toasted to melty perfection. That is how a non-open-faced grilled cheese sandwich should be!

July 13, 2014- Delft (3)

We walked to the botanical garden that was on the edge of the map but it was closed, apparently it closes at 4 in the afternoon. It was not a total loss though. On our way over we watched a baby duck struggle to get out of the canal to join his family. It was endearing and cute and a little bit heartbreaking. We were hooked, we had to watch until he finally got out.

July 13, 2014- Delft, Netherlands (1)

On the way back we stopped at Jumbo the grocery store. Now that I was out of Speculoos the hunt was on for Stroopwafels. While there I also found a Milka bar with Daim bits in. We stopped at a convenience store near our hotel. Motherofgod, we had finally found a convenience store that was open at all hours and had a decent selection of soda and junk food- it was weird to have found it in Delft rather than a bigger city. The Fernando’s cherry soda I had was ok, but not as good as Cherry Coke. We got a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Core: Dough-ble Impact. It was half vanilla ice cream, half chocolate with cookie dough bits and a giant core of fudge. It was as if someone had un-mixed it. Conclusion: we should have gotten the Baked Alaska one instead, Cores are no good. The Stroowafel was the runaway best snack. It was soft but with a slight crunch, there is a thin layer of buttery caramel filling that is just too die for. We finished true Detective, too tired to read I resorted to watching TV.


After flipping channels for a while I finally found a channel playing Friends with Dutch subtitles. Then I hit a goldmine: TLC and MTV both in English but with subtitles! That lasted for about half an hour. I quickly got bored of flipping between “My Five Wives” and “House of Food.” I was about to start reading when Brent pointed out that the final match of World Cup might start at 9pm, not 10pm as we were assuming. Sure enough, I turned the TV on and there they were on the field, the score was still 0-0.

We passed a few bars before deciding on which one we would watch at. We went to the other square to see what was there as well. It turns out that bar #3 on the list of top places to drink beer in Delft had set up a projector and screen. It was settled. There were just enough people in the bar for an atmosphere without it being overcrowded. We had good seats at a small table in a booth at the back with a good view.

Having tried all the good fruit beers, I caved and ordered a Lieffman’s. It had been driving me nuts, there was advertising for it everywhere and it looked so delicious- it was. We ordered dinner at the bar. I felt kind of bad about it given the kitchen staff probably just wanted to watch the game but now they were stuck making my steak tartare (which was not even that good) and Brent’s bacon-wrapped pork medallions (way better).

July 13, 2014- Delft (6)

The game was ungodly slow and boring. And then it got worse. It went on for an extra 30 minutes. Clearly we had chosen the wrong match to watch. Who would have thought that the final game, teams playing for the title of winner… could be so…. Boring… and s….l…oooooooo…..oooo…oooo..oooo…wwwwww. When Germany scored in the last 10 minutes the bar burst into applause. I am fairly certain everyone was applauding that the ordeal was over and not in celebration. It was almost midnight as we walked back to the hotel, finally it was dark out. We could see the stars.


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La Grenouille

As we walked to La Societe yesterday, clouds started looming and the wind started blowing, a few drops of rain threatened to ruin our nice evening out on the patio, voted best patio for people watching. It is easy to see why it was voted as such, given it is located on Bloor between Bay and St. George a stones throw from Yorkville. La Societe has two patios, one on street level and one up above looking down.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (1)

We were lucky that it was not too busy when we arrived (it picked up around 7) and we had our choice of tables. We found one at the farther end of the upper patio with a great view of the street and the patio down below. It was indeed fun to people watch while enjoying our drinks. The wine selection was much better than the beer selection, I lucked out in that    they had two types of rose wine, both from France.

On the menu I saw that they had frogs legs, and I could not resist, we had to try it. For an appetizer the portion was quite generous, about the size of a main. I dove right in, breaking off a piece and eating it- until I got to the bone. They were not super soft and small like you get in tiny fish sometimes. Our fancy French appetizer had quickly devolved to pub fare such as chicken wings. It was so tempting to eat them by hand. Thankfully the meat was such that it nearly fell off the bone anyways, so it was easy to pry off with my fork and knife, keeping it classy. So what does frog taste like? Please don’t kill me but it tastes like a very chewy and slick (greasier?) version of chicken.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (2)

Brent had heard from a co-worker that La Societe had really good fries, so he opted for the fish & chips. I had originally wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, but that was when I thought we’d be stuck sitting downstairs (I really did think it would be busier). The chicken was the only meal that really caught my eye. Plus I wanted to see if my theory about checking the quality of a good chef would pan out: at a fancy (or perceived to be fancy) restaurant order the chicken, as in the most common everyday meat we are used to eating, and see what they can do with it. I made the right choice: it was delicious through and through with a nice crispy skin. The chicken sat on top of the potatoes- soaking them in chicken juice.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (3)

There was no way I was going to pass up a chance to eat creme brulee at a French restaurant. It came with earl grey ice cream on the side, it was good, it tasted like earl grey- though I am not sure why you would want that in the first place. The creme brulee was delicious with a strong vanilla flavour, and it was even still a little bit warm.

La Societe- best ppl watching patio (4)

They also get bonus points for having plates with the restaurant name on it- too cute.


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Bad Idea

We have managed to make quite a dent in the “best of” list from BlogTO, sometimes venturing out of our comfort zones and ingesting “food” like salads (or in Brent’s case, soup, which he inexplicably hates). Even still, we were barely prepared for this one: mac and cheese. A food neither of us is too fond of. So we called in help, my sisters, who love mac and cheese. The original plan was to order a dish of it and split it. But things started to crumble. Camilla was hungry, Brent wanted a sandwich. In total we wound up with an ungodly amount of mac and cheese in front of us.

Victory Cafe- best mac & cheese, best pitcher (1)

We were at Victory Cafe for some pre-Snakes & Lattes food and drink (voted best pitcher of beer). Camilla and I had arrived early and snagged a table, inside the surprisingly (it wasn’t even 4:30) busy cafe. The waiter came over and proceeded to tell us about the rather extensive beer collection, we nodded along and after all that: did not order anything, choosing to wait for the beernoisseur (Brent) to arrive and help us out. We had no idea. None whatsoever. Getting antsy that everyone was taking so long to arrive, we decided on the beer written on a blackboard behind us instead. Heck, why not. Eventually the rest of the group arrived and one by one.. everyone ordered mac and cheese, or a sandwich with mac and cheese on the side. Maybe I was really tired, or just plain out of it, but for some unbeknownst reason, I ordered the grilled cheese.. with a side of mac and cheese. This was the greasiest grilled cheese sandwich I had ever seen, it was soaked. Yet somehow still crunchy. The mac and cheese was delicious, I managed to actually finish my tiny bowl of it. As per those who ordered it as a main: they gave the rest of us a show to go with dinner. There was so much mac and cheese on their plates. Camilla resorted to moving it around after eating half, just to make it look like she had eaten more. The beer was surprisingly good (we had gone with a red ale).

Victory Cafe- best mac & cheese, best pitcher (2)

And now I am never ever going to eat any cheese for a really long time. As per mac and cheese, I may never eat it again. Holygod there was a lot of cheese.


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