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Quiche, Quiche, Quiche

I am not a big fan of quiches, something about the texture of it just does not sit well with me. Regardless, I sucked it up and we headed out to Patisserie La Cigogne for the best quiche. Thankfully they were also recently voted best danish, ousting Harbord Bakery. I at least had that to look forward to, plus we would not make the same mistake again and order one of each danish and spend the day eating danishes. That is really just a once in a lifetime sort of thing.


Was I right in my dislike of quiches or had I just been eating bad ones? I was right, as I usually am. And while this one was tasty (ham, bacon and swiss cheese) I could not reconcile with the odd texture. That and I am not a huge fan of eggs (except in their godly state: baked goods). The lemon danish was the runaway winner, totally thwarting any danish I have ever eaten, and even making me like danishes more. It was very fresh, soft and fluffy. My only beef was that the lemon filling was a tad too sweet- it’s lemon! It should be at least a tiny bit tart!!


P.S.: none of the salad that came with my quiche got eaten, I am not a rabbit.

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