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Portable Food

The trouble with meat is it is not exactly portable. Sure you could stick it between two slices of bread and hope to God none of it falls out, but sometimes it is just not worth the risk. Enter the empanada, basically the meat or cheese is baked inside the bread, so it can’t fall out. To be specific, the city’s best empanada from Jumbo Empanada.

Jumbo Empanada (4)

Did the empanada’s live up to their name? Yes they did. Well the meat ones anyways, they were in fact giant. The winner was however the tiny little cheese empanada. That is all it had inside, just cheese. The chicken and beef both had a hardboiled egg slice, one olive and some raisins. Thankfully they were rather noticeable and thus easy to pick out, lest I eat one. The egg was ok, but it did not add anything to the taste.

Jumbo Empanada (5)

The empanadas were so greasy that the bottom part of the pastry-bread was soggy and almost breaking apart. They came with a little container of spicy sauce, somewhat like a salsa that was a real stand-out as well. At Jumbo Empanadas we found Inca Cola, which really just tasted like Irn Bru, which really just tastes like bubblegum crossed with cream soda and white freezies.

Jumbo Empanada (6)


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