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Anniversary Dinner

Monday was our 5 year anniversary (I feel old just typing that) so we decided to go out for dinner. We were going to meet outside of Grand Electric about 25 minutes before open to ensure that we would get in. I got there at about 5:30 and noticed that there was no line. I was mildly suspicious, for in my mind I was convinced (even though the internet apparently said otherwise) that it was closed on Mondays and it was one of those things were they don’t say that they are, it is just assumed. I have encountered that too many times. So I walked by to see what was up. My suspicions were semi-correct. They were indeed closed, but not because it was Monday, they were on vacation until Friday. I called Brent to tell him to not bother leaving the house.

Having failed to go to Grand Electric yet again, I sadly made my way to his house. Hungry and out of luck. Brent suggested going to Guu Izakaya for a Japanese twist on tapas, also voted best Japanese food in the city. We went with the hope that the after-work crowd would not have filled the place. We got lucky, soon after we were promptly seated, the place filled up real quick. We were  seated at the bar, only behind the bar it was actually the kitchen not a bar. Every time someone entered or left or placed an order all the people working there would yell. At first it was a little bit jarring but you get used to it real fast. Also fast is the service. We placed our order so that we covered the spread. We had what was recommended: the salmon tataki, gyu tongue, and yakiudon. On my insistence we also had the marinated jellyfish. So we had cold and warm dishes, fish and meat, and noodles. Some were pan-fried, some grilled and some just marinated. Like I said, we covered the spread.

(marinated jellyfish)

So how did the tapas stack up? First off, it was enough food for a nice dinner. The smaller portions (owing to it being tapas of course) was nice because then you got to try more dishes. The hands-down winner was the salmon tataki, any dish that makes me swear after I have a bite (the good kind of swear) is fine by me. Second place goes to the jellyfish. Somehow there is enough edible parts to a jellyfish, it wouldn’t seem so looking at them just floating and bobbing about like that. Third place was a tie between the gyu tongue and the yakiudon (beef and noodles). Also eating beef tongue again, proves that it was not just Black Hoof’s artful mastery of rendering it palatable. Beef tongue actually tastes good. I have had it twice, two different ways and both delicious.

(salmon tataki)



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