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Mmm… Meat Loaf

Searching for the best meat loaf in the city seems like an odd endeavor, meat loaf is generally a bottom tier food. Not something you crave, let alone go out of your way (45 minute walk actually) to seek out. Caplansky’s just so happens to be a block away from Kensington, so we thought heck why not get two birds with one stone and also go to best Latin American bakery? It seemed like a good idea. Until we fell into the trap of places not always existing when the address is Kensington Market. Brent, ever so clever and caught on the best of lists, quickly realized that Bunner’s Bakeshop (now with a new location in Kensington) had been recently voted best muffin.


I was wary of a muffin from Bunner’s, as I was less than thrilled with previous baked goods from them. Personally, I like soy, eggs, dairy and gluten. They are tasty. Lack of them was, less than tasty. I don’t know how they did it, but Bunner’s managed to make an amazing muffin, surpassing the ones I am used to with all the aforementioned ingredients! I’ve never even been a big fan of morning glory muffins, I much prefer chocolate chip. The muffin was so moist and perfectly balanced with just the right amount of shredded carrots, walnuts, pine nuts. The cinnamon bun was more in line with what I was expecting from Bunner’s, good but not outstanding with a slight off taste.


Caplansky’s offers the option to have cheese on top of the meat loaf, which has smoked meat in it. No wonder it was voted the best meat loaf, it was amazing!! It had a nice crispy outside, the cheese was perfectly melted on top and the meat was well seasoned and not dry or bland. It feels like an insult to call it meat loaf. Brent’s smoked meat sandwich was also amazing, but I was in no mood to tackle a soggy bun. The chips on the side however were fresh out of the fryer- amazing!



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Hungry Hungry House Hunter

Searching for a new place to live in the city can be a daunting task, especially when you pretty much have no idea what on God’s green earth you are doing. It is also a tad tiring and rather nerve-wracking.

Which is why there is no better remedy than a delicious sandwich from a packed deli in Kensington Market. We first heard of Sanagan’s Deli when we went to Voodoo Child, it is where they source their meats from. And based on what we had there, we were just dying to go to Sanagan’s.


We made the mistake of going there on a Saturday. The place was packed! Thankfully there were two separate lines, one for the deli counter, one for the tiny sandwich counter. It was an easy choice sandwich-wise, despite the large menu.  I had the special which was bbq’ed beef cheeks with coleslaw. Brent had the steak with sauce. You can’t go wrong with meat on a bun and some sauce. No veggies in sight! The fries on the side were delicious, I was wary of the sprinkling of chives, but the bits were so small it did not add much.


Some days it is nearly impossible to have lunch without dessert. Brent pointed out that they were selling maple bacon donuts, but I instead suggested going back to Fancy Frank’s for there mini-donuts made fresh to order. Again there was a clear choice in terms of flavour: lemon. They were outstanding, hands-down better than Tiny Tom’s. They almost hold a mini-candle to Glory Hole Donuts. The donuts were drizzled with lemon sauce and so delicious.


On our way up to Fancy Frank’s I noticed that the new place offering wood-fired bagels was finally opened and I insisted on going in to get a bagel. This is after eating a meaty sandwich, on our way to getting mini-donuts mind you. It was a good bagel, but not as good as the ones served at Caplansky’s (still the best bagel in the city).


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