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So Weird

I’m not sure if it’s because it was later than usual or I was just really tired but our latest fooding outing was weird. It was an odd day.

We went to Lahore Tikka House for best Pakistani food. It felt like we had been walking not as far as last time when we went to Maha’s, even though this place was even further. The place was packed, for a second I really worried we would not get a table or be stuck having to share a table with strangers. Thankfully that was not the case. Once we were seated the server handed us a menu…. and a marker and white board. Apparently we were supposed to write down our order and hand it to him. As we waited for our food the server brought us a pitcher of water… and styrofoam cups.


My dish arrived first, I had ordered the beef biryani. What I was served was more like 4 beef biryanis. I was faced with a mountain of rice with chunks of beef interspersed. Brent’s butter chicken was a reasonable size, one serving. No matter how much I piled on my plate it barely made a difference. I gave up after making a valiant effort. As we were eating Brent looked up and asked me if I was ready. I looked at him quizzically and then… *THWOMP* I nearly jumped out of my skin. At the table behind me they were celebrating a birthday, which is apparently a reason to start thumping a giant bass drum. Needless to say I had had the bejeesus scared out of me and Brent was thoroughly entertained at how well it had all played out.


We took the really long way home, heading south to Queen St so we could stop in at the best late night cafe, Tango Palace. As we walked up I noticed a sign that said “maple lattes” and I was sold. When we walked in the place was packed, they were not kidding about this being the best late night cafe. For one thing it was open at 8pm (unlike every other cafe we passed that evening). You can’t have coffee, even decaf, without a cookie or two. The chocolate chip cookie was subpar, seriously, I have made way better ones. The everything cookie, delivered what it promised: everything. We had fun naming the various ingredients: coconut, chocolate chips, raisins, peanuts etc… I wish we had gotten two everything cookies.


It was a weird day. Even weirder when we passed this tattoo supply store:



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